Amazing You Assessment

  Practically Enlightened You’s

“Amazing You” Assessment

Before you begin to fill out the assessment I invite you to adopt an attitude of tenderness toward yourself.  Your goal here isn’t a perfect score.  Instead you’re lovingly taking a look to discover how much “amazing you” is hidden from view. You’re starting the process of shining more light on your inherently wonderful self, not only for your benefit, but so you can more completely live your purpose.

         1. Answer each question below. Don’t think too long about your answers. Just put a check in the box that most accurately reflects you right now.

        2. After you’ve answered all the questions, then go to the bottom of this assessment where you’ll find the scoring guide.


       Yes        No     Sometimes    Points

     1. Do you talk negatively about or to yourself?

     2. Is it hard for you to accept gifts or help graciously?

    3. Do you consider exercise or eating well a “should” or a chore?


        4. Do you hold back when it comes to dressing in a way that feels good and reflects who you are?


     5. Do you push yourself to do more?

     6. Is it rare for you to regularly spend time with supportive friends?

     7. Do you have a hard time saying no to others?

     8. Do you doubt that you have something unique to offer the world?

     9. Do you push yourself to work out even when you have an injury?

    10. Do you beat yourself up when things don’t go as you’d planned or hoped?

    11. Do you tend to deflect compliments and positive feedback?


     12. Do you fail to make activities that “feed you” a high priority?

    13. Do you think of yourself as less than or inferior to others in certain areas?

    14. Do you resist acting upon your intuitive insights?


    15. Do you doubt your abilities?

    16. Do you sometimes fail to schedule regular self care such as exercise, massage, or relaxation?

    17. Do you feel overweight or out of shape?

    18. Do you ignore the messages from your body?

    19. Do you try to prove yourself to others?

    20. Do you ignore the messages from your emotions?

    21. Do you give up because you’re unsure of your abilities?

    22. Is your spiritual practice irregular or non-existent?


    23. Do you follow the advice and guidance of others even when it conflicts with your inner guidance?


    24. Do you doubt that you’re enough?


    25. Do you feel fatigued or drained by your work?

    26. Do you fail to celebrate your successes?

    27. Are you bothered by frequent stress related health issues—colds, digestive issues, muscle aches, headaches, insomnia, frequent accidents or injuries, allergies, etc.

    28.Is it hard for  you love yourself unconditionally?

    29. Do you regularly use substances including alcohol, tobacco, sugar, or caffeine to help relax you or give you energy?


    30. Does your life feel unbalanced?


    31. Do you frequently experience overwhelm?


    32. Do you make yourself a low priority putting other people and things ahead of your well being?

    33. Do you ever feel shame around who you are?


    34. Is it hard for you to name your skills and abilities?


    35. Do you judge others?

    36. Do you feel inherently unworthy and unlovable?


     37. Do you get embarrassed easily?


    38. Do you struggle with healthy ways to treat yourself?



Your Results

1.   Now go back and record points in the point’s column.

Record the following points.

Yes = 5

No = (minus)-5

Sometimes = -(minus)3.

2.    Now you’re ready to total your points.

3.     And your results

100-190: You’ve got a great relationship with “Amazing You.” You’ve probably noticedhow this relationship serves you when it comes to your success. And because you’ve been showing up and owning your relationship with “Amazing You” you probably also notice the occasions or areas where you get “Amazing You” amnesia. A few tweaks to enhance your relationship further would amplify the success you already enjoy.

0-99: You’re no stranger to “Amazing You.”

You probably find that in some circumstances you own the truth of your awesomeness and other times you forget. I bet you can think of specific incidents where you invited “amazing you” to the party and it was great. And then there are those times when not remembering how amazing you are meant you didn’t feel as good as you would like. You’re ready to build on the success you’ve had and tweak the areas where you forget.


-1 to -99: Your lack of belief in “Amazing You” is affecting your life. You might notice the effect on your health, your income, your relationships, your work, your happiness…  The good news is she’s in there. She’s not a total stranger to you. You’ll get lots of benefit from making your relationship with “Amazing You” a priority in your life.


-100 to -190: I’m so glad you took this assessment. Just by taking this assessment you’ve brought awareness to an area so important to enhancing your life. “Amazing You” lives and breathes whetheryou’ve made friends with her or not. Consider making improving your relationship with “Amazing You” a top priority soon. Owning your amazingness will absolutely transform your life.