“Amazing You” results

Great. So you’ve taken the assessment. Now what to do?

A gentle reminder about being tender with yourself as you look at your results.

Your Relationship Status

Your relationship with “Amazing You” is a lot like dating. Your first date is about getting to know that person. You don’t expect to have the intimacy of a 30-year relationship on date one. It doesn’t mean one type of relationship is better than the other. They’re just different phases. And right now you’re checking in to see what phase your relationship is in.

First look at your overall score.

  • Maybe you already have a solid long-term relationship; one that you know you can count on. Yet even with that kind of relationship there are moments where you forget or forsake her. Moments where you get too busy to give her focus. And you know that in those rare moments calling her back on board will only enhance the whole of your life. 
  • Then again maybe you know “Amazing You” well. You’ve spent regular time together. There’s no question your life is better when she’s around. You’re just as clear that when you forget her, when your focus moves to other things or people in a way that doesn’t include her you feel off, out of balance. And you just can’t show up for your purpose in the way you’d like. More time with her would help you move in the direction of your goals in a way that feels nurturing to who you are.
  • Or maybe you’ve been “dating” “amazing you” for a while. You’re clear that when you hang out in her company you feel happier. You get more done. Life is better. But your time together is limited. You’ve seen enough of her to know that more focus on “amazing you” would mean you’d be closer to living your purpose. And you’d also be doing more of the good stuff that supports you as well.
  • Are you at first date status? Not sure about this “amazing you”? Who is she anyway? Does she really exist? You want to believe in her, but you’re taking it slow. At some level you know that giving this relationship more focus will change your life for the good. (And it will.)


“Oh, here’s where I am…”

So whether you’d benefit from some slight tweaks to your current approach or whether it’s time to make claiming your amazingness a major focus be gentle.

Let yourself be the observer rather than the critic or judge. “Oh, here’s where I am” rather than “why did I score so low?”

After you’ve looked at your overall score look for the themes. Do you see any patterns? You might notice themes like:

  • Not owning your value
  • Not making time for self care
  • Boundary issues

Get out the Journal

Good time to journal or make some notes about what you see. Don’t worry if you don’t notice any themes. Sometimes we’re too close to see them ourselves. But a coach or friend can usually spot them for you.

 Anything “Jumpy?”

Next notice anything that jumped out at you. Were there questions that stood out? Questions you didn’t hesitate to answer? Questions that made you say “boy, that’s me?”

Another good place to jot down some notes about what you noticed.


I recommend coming back to the assessment results later. Sometimes looking at it from a different vantage point can garner different insights.

And Now…

Right now your job is to be the gentle, curious observer. I’ll be in touch soon with more ideas about how to bring “Amazing You” out into the open so you can fully live your purpose while you feel great.

I’d love to hear about your results. Drop me a line and let me know about your insights.