Nurturing the mother daughter connection

Join us for this 1/2 day mini-retreat. Mom & daughter


For “mothers and daughters” (ages 5 and up) of all types. Birth moms and daughters as well as women with whom you share a mother-daughter bond—special aunts, grandmothers, a sister who raised you, a pseudo mom who treats you like her own, your daughter-in-law…

Whether you view your mom or daughter as your best friend or you’re on a path of healing and growth together this mini-retreat will help you nurture yourself and your relationship.


Jen & Ainslie

Jenifer and Ainslie

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Want to acknowledge and spend some special time with your mom or daughter (or both.)
  • You’d love to heal your relationship and connect deeper.
  • You’re ready to nurture yourself and therefore, have more energy for this important relationship.



Our day:

Saturday May 9 from 1-4 p.m.

Yoga, connection, and even a simple art project to share with your mom or daughter. We’ll also have a light healthy snack.

No yoga or art experience necessary.

We’ll be meeting at the lovely Pringle Creek Community in south Salem, Oregon. We’ll be in the spacious Painters Hall and, if the weather permits, we’ll get to be out in the lovely green space next to the facility.

Your partners for the day:

Jenifer Trivelli is a mom of two with a master’s degree in counseling and a decade of experience working with families. She works with organizations and individuals, providing consultation and training for children’s emotional health. Jenifer teaches yoga for kids and integrates her YogaCalm training into herindividual work with children and families. Get more information about Jen here Sharon & Jen

Sharon Roemmel, BSW, LMT, coach, and yoga teacher since the early 90’s Sharon teaches classes, leads retreats, and offers individual sessions. She believes in empowering women to honor their wisdom and to live thriving lives. In addition to being a mom to many animals has made a practice since her 20’s of borrowing other people’s children.

Pringle Creek Community

We’ll be meeting at the community building of this unique neighborhood inspired by nature, community, and innovation. With green homes nestled among 32 acres, Pringle Creek Community is a model of sustainability. It’s built on the former Fairview Training Center and includes renovated historical buildings and glasshouses, reused and repurposed materials and innovative green building techniques.

Registration for event:

$100 for mother daughter pair
or $50 if mother and daughter want to pay separately.
We realize some of you may want to bring additional daughters, two moms, three generations, etc. After the first pair at $100 each additional person is $35.

To pay or ask questions contact

or call 503-362-9344