Take “Amazing You” Assessment

come out of hidingCongrats on taking the first step to bring “Amazing You” out of hiding.

You want to live your purpose and feel great in the process, right? At the core of this kind of life is belief in “Amazing You.”

Claiming “Amazing You” means you must acknowledge, trust, even honor the quirky combination of personality traits, skills, knowledge, expertise, and approach to the world. It means you must let go of the misguided messages and fears that say you’re not enough, not good enough, not smart enough, not special enough, not thin enough…

When you claim “Amazing You” you’ll know that what you bring to the world creates a stew that is one of a kind. You’ll know that you can heal and change the world in a way unlike anyone else.

So let’s get started. 

1. Right now carve out 15-minutes on your schedule to take the assessment. (A hint: Not having 15-minutes for yourself anytime soon can be a warning sign that your relationship with “amazing you” could use some focus.)

2. Next print out the assessment or have it open on your browser.

3. When you’re ready watch this video. It will take you about 7 minutes.

4. Now you’re ready to take the assessment.

5. Follow this link to help you interpret your results.