Very Integrated Package

heart in handsFor you if you’re ready to have a transformative six months.

You feel a stirring, a calling. You know it’s time to pay attention, to make some significant changes. Maybe you’ve had a big change in your life and aren’t sure how to navigate it. You’re starting a business or moving or navigating relationship changes… Exciting, overwhelming, and scary… 

You know that you need to factor YOU and your needs into the process. And you’re not quite sure how to do this.

Perfect when you’re in a place of transition.

You’re ready to step into your purpose in a deeper, fuller way. 

Ready to start a new business and want to make sure you’ve integrated your purpose and set up patterns of working that really support both that purpose AND who you are.

Know that it’s time to make a significant change in your life.

Experienced a wake up call like the loss of a business, relationship, or a health challenge and you’re ready to listen to that call.

If you were preparing for the birth of a baby you would find a midwife or doc to support you through the process. Well, you are preparing for a birth, the birth of a new phase in your life.  And having a “midwife” to guide you and support you will allow for a more aware, pleasant, and fruitful experience.

No more feeling depleted and beat up on your journey. You want to honor the beautiful wholeness you bring. You’re ready to explore your purpose deeply and learn how to live it sustainably.

You’re ready for a path of your own, not a cookie cutter template. And you want consistent, experienced support for that journey.

Your VIP package details.

  • 6 months of coaching
    • Includes 18 sessions of approximately an hour.
    • Sessions via phone, Skype, or in person in Salem, Oregon. Sessions (unless in person) can be recorded and an mp3 audio file will be provided to you.
    • Can include energy readings for you and/or your business during your sessions.
  • One or Two-day personalized retreat. Includes a customized schedule, lodging, some meals, daily Purposeful Yoga, coaching, pampering, relaxation, movement, and planning. Virtual option also available. Can be used as two separate one-day retreats if virtual.
  • A specially selected service or product which might be, depending on your tastes and needs, a custom aromatherapy or flower essence blend, a custom meditation audio or yoga video, or a special tool.
  • Worksheets and assignments.
  • Personalized self-care tool kit recommendations.
  • Regular email follow-up.
  • Price for package depends upon whether you choose the one or two day retreat, in person or virtual retreat, and whether I come to you or you travel to Oregon.
  • I recommend a free 30-minute consultation to start the process. Let’s see if we’re a good match. (If you can’t find a time via this link, send me an email at with 3 options and I’ll get back with you.