I’m Sharon Roemmel.

Yogini, coach, intuitive, and teacher

Tired of choosing the less than 100% life?


A sustainable approach to living your purpose


Ready for clarity?

Purposeful Yoga

Let yoga serve you and your purpose


Ready for an escape from your routine?)

Is this you?

Something’s missing. You’re tired of working in a job that is just a job. Your business has left you depleted, out of shape, and overwhelmed. Your dream business or life has stayed just that, a dream.

How we work together

Expect to feel seen, to feel supported, and to be transformed. I act as a guide as you unearth your wisdom. 


About Me

I combine 33-years of success as a business owner with my skills and knowledge of yoga, coaching, energy work, bodywork, and aromatherapy.


Sharon has the perfect combination of empathy and compassion to help you get in touch with the deeper emotional aspects necessary to create change. At the same time she helps you come up with practical daily/weekly tasks, which may seem like such small steps but amazingly it all comes together and one day you realize you’ve reached your goal! I have experienced profound improvement in my confidence, relationships, and self awareness..”

Rachel Meyer, Integrative Massage and Wellness in Annapolis Maryland

“You made me feel like my concerns and fears were easy to overcome. In my mind, my goals seemed so hard and unattainable, plus I had a lot of fear. Through your guidance, I came to understand that this was an achievable goal and it was actually quite easy to work toward.”

Melissa K., business owner, Salem, OR

“I had no idea that there may be something blocking me from living the experience of happiness; but in one session the hindrances to this seemingly elusive emotion were removed and my heart was opened. I am a different person today and have received much more that I could have dreamed was possible when I set out on this journey. It is true that the heart knows what the heart knows, and Sharon is gifted with insight and a unique ability to bring that which is hidden into the light.”

Ruth Johnson, WA