Are you a woman who feels stuck? Self doubt and overwhelm mean you’ve been settling for the “less than 100%” life.

I’m Sharon and I help women just like you get clarity about what you want, let go of the parts of your life that you’ve outgrown, and take gentle and brave steps toward a life that aligns with your heart and soul’s desire as you move toward a life you love.


Whether you know in your gut that you’re supposed to be doing something different with your life or you’re already living your purpose with both feet in, you need a sustainable approach.

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Ready for an escape from your routine? From the craziness of the world? From the habits that aren’t working for you? From the “busy” that keeps you from connecting—with nature,

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This is not your normal yoga class. Yes, you’ll stretch and pay attention to your breath and other yoga stuff like that. But our focus will be on deepening the clarity of your purpose, on claiming balance

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