One Way I Lost and 5 Ways I Won

When I entered the Next Top Spiritual Author contest I told a few people that I’d entered for the experience. They asked why I wasn’t in it to win.

Hmmm…Made me think. I changed my attitude and decided to participate in a different way. I was in it to win and I lost.

But I don’t feel like a loser. My ego would have liked to be part of the 25 chosen for round 3. But when I move into a place of trust, I know that I’m on the right path, right place, right time.

Why I feel like a winner

  1. I felt supported by you! I felt support for my book idea from family, friends, colleagues, former students, even other participants in the competition. All that support felt lovely. I also heard that others believe in the idea of creating and running a Practically Enlightened Business.
  2. Having to clarify my ideas for the book and its promotion really helped me feel, well, clearer.
  3. I wrote. Nothing like having a deadline to get me writing most days. And I enjoyed writing (at least most of the time.)
  4. I learned. I learned how to use a video camera and how to upload a video to YouTube. I learned more about the world of publishing. I learned from getting feedback for my writing. And I love to learn.
  5. I gained momentum. Now I have the habit, so even without a deadline from the contest I’ll keep going.

So thank you for your support and congrats to those continuing in the competition.


For me I’m working on a more in-depth proposal and will be submitting my idea to agents and publishers in the upcoming months. Will let you know how it goes.

When I joined the contest I encouraged you to stretch yourself as well. I’m wondering if you took my challenge and how it’s going for you?