My question for you…

Are you waiting? Are you waiting to take a training you’re interested in? Are you waiting to move to your own space or move out of a space that doesn’t work for you and your clients?

Are waiting to set up your website, make a decision about how to market your business? Are you waiting to come out as an energy worker, fire a client that’s not a great match for you, or…

So many reasons…

We wait for a variety of reasons.                           

What if this isn’t the “right” decision?

What if things don’t work out?

What if I can’t make a living doing this?

What if I can’t afford my office rent?

Or all my clients leave me?

And my personal favorite, what if it’s not perfect?

Your thoughts, ideas, questions? I’d love to hear them on the articles, audios, and videos I post. Let’s get a conversation going!

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