Boost you and your business by learning more.

First I want to give a disclaimer about this tip. Learning more can be an excuse or a distraction from taking action.

I know because I’ve used it that way myself.

And I’ve coached more than one person who’s explored the option of additional training because they’re not reaching their business goals. And they haven’t even explored the reason for they’re not reaching their goals.

Sometimes lack of knowledge is not the reason for lack of success.

While Learning can be used to distract you from your goals, it should also be part of your success support team.

 Benefits of learning include:

  • Improves your self-esteem.
  • Increases your ability to accomplish tasks with greater ease.
  • Affirm what you already know. I’ve taken a number of business trainings in the past seven years. It’s helpful to attend a class and walk away saying “Hey, I know this stuff.”
  • Helps you determine your path. I took a website design class so I could put together my first website. While I learned I “could” put together a site, I also learned that creating a quality site took more expertise than I wanted to develop. I learned that this was a job for me to outsource.
  • Create opportunities for connection. Whether the class is live, a teleclass, or online the opportunity for connection exists. Connecting with other like-minds and hearts (as well as mind and hearts that bring a different perspective) is one of my favorite reasons for attending and leading classes.
  • Learning is good for your brain. Those new neural pathways open new options for you.
  • Fun. I’ll admit not all learning opportunities are designed to be fun. But well designed and well-chosen classes should bring pleasure, not pain.
  • Everything on this list can help you reduce stress and feel more balanced.

Plenty of reasons to learn and no shortage of learning opportunities 

So how do you choose the best one for you?

When I’m looking at a learning opportunity for a client or myself I use several criteria.

1. Look for the holes. Are there areas where you struggle, where more information would increase your effectiveness and the quality of your work? Even if, like me with the website class, you decide it’s not your thing, you’ll be more prepared to find the right person for outsourcing.

2. Look for the joy. What do you find yourself getting excited about? What do you currently do that you’d like to do more of? Love a particular kind of bodywork? Enjoy groups more than one-on-one? Because I enjoyed using essential oils in my own life and during massage I decided to get more training. Now I use aromatherapy during coaching, classes, and massage.

Your action

Answer the two questions above and then, find the perfect class (or let it find you.)

One other disclaimer about this topic. As a training junkie I’ve learned that time for integration is just as important a learning. Learn well, have fun, and don’t forget the marinating step before leaping into your next training.

What have you learned recently? What benefits has learning bestowed on you?