I love to brainwash myself with positive messages. I haven’t watched, listened to, or read the news much in years.

Do I miss out on important events? I don’t think so. In fact, well-wishing people often inform me of things they think I should know that I’d rather not know.  Between Facebook, friends, and clients I haven’t missed a major crises yet. (Unless of course I missed it and don’t know.)

Instead of feeding my brain (and therefore my body, emotions, energy, and mind) a daily dose of what’s-wrong-with-the-world-scary-stuff I feed myself a daily dose of feel good. Actually I “eat” feel good message multiple times a day and from different sources. I do believe in variety in my diet after all.

Here are a couple of my favorite free sources.

Emails from God

Many days I get emails from both God and the Universe. Actually the emails are from Neale Donald Walsh in the form of “I Believe God Wants You to Know” and from Mike Dooley via “A Note from the Universe.”

Here’s one recent message from the Universe.

“No matter how things seem, Sharon, hope is near and love is present.

In the house,

The Universe”

Want to know what God had to say?

“On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know that life was meant to be FUN! It’s hard to believe sometimes, but it’s true. It’s all about point of view.”

Both are free. Sign up for Mike’s emails at http://www.tut.com/ and get Neale’s messages at http://www.nealedonaldwalsch.com/index.php?p=Signup

Any regular uplifting and inspiring messages you dose your brain with? Share them here.