A major headache might mean you spend the day in bed. But even a minor headache’s guaranteed to mess with your focus, presence, creativity, and effectiveness.

More “feel good” hours

With plenty on your plate you don’t want to take away from your productive “feel good” hours.

If you’re prone to headaches give essential oils a try. What you use depends upon the type of headache. In general my two favorites are lavender and peppermint.

How to use

The lavender can be used straight out of the bottle (“neat” is the term we aromatherapists use.)

Peppermint’s more intense so dilute it in a carrier oil or lotion. How much you dilute it will depend upon your sensitivity. For a healthy adult you could put a drop of the peppermint essential oil into three drops of your base oil. You can play with the proportions. It should ease the pain, but not cause burning or irritation. (If it does cause any uncomfortable sensations, then use some of your unscented oil or lotion to wipe off the essential oil.)

People who don’t fall into the “healthy adult” category would use less essential oil. Avoid completely with children seven and younger.


Try putting the essential oil you choose at the base of your skull, at your temples, or on your forehead. Be sure and avoid your eyes.

As with all the tips I share, use your commonsense and take responsibility for your health.

Your favorite headache remedies?