I’m thrilled to share today’s guest blog post from the inspiring Julia Kious Zabell. Julia’s a fellow business coach and the founder of  re:Invigorate. Check out the link to her site at the end of the article. 

Holding Too Tightly

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So, here’s a quickie.

My yoga teacher had me do it in class and then I came across it again in a book last night, so I am taking it as a sign that it must be shared.

Since there will be eye closing, you may want to read through the directions before jumping in.

▪   Close your eyes and sit in a quiet and comfortable place.

▪   Now squeeze your hands into small, tight little fists.  Hold on as if you’re going to drop your iPhone in the toilet.

▪   Without trying to control it, notice what your breath is like.  Does it take effort to breath?  Is there a weight in your chest?  Do you feel your brow getting furrowed?  Are you clenching your teeth?

▪   Without opening your eyes, release your hands.  Imagine them being immersed into warm, chocolate pudding (not that I know what warm chocolate pudding feels like, but you get the idea).

▪   Now, pay attention to your breath.  Is it easier to take a really deep breath?  Is there a slight smile on your face? Did your muscles relax?

If you are like me, you noticed the physical difference between holding on for dear life and just letting go.  Hopefully you see how letting go can be useful (not just in the ability to breath).  This week, pay close attention to your breathing and take note of the times you feel constricted…chances are good, you are holding on to something too tight.  Figure out what it is…and let go.

About Juliafounder of re:invigorate, Julia Kious Zabell

Julia Kious Zabell is the founder of re:Invigorate, a powerhouse coaching business that helps Do-Gooding Entrepreneurs and Visionaries create (and rock out) a business based on their passion and purpose.

She truly longs for a world in which business is done in an entirely different way: the Doing Good way.  What happens if she succeeds?  Well, business will operate as a huge interconnected community, supporting one another and holding each member with love.  It will understand that business is an avenue to live out our own divine purpose and to serve the whole as well as to comfortably support ourselves.  And, everybody will have time to take naps and month long vacations, because that’s what life’s about.

Check out her main website for more info and a chance to get her “Thoroughly Mixing Business with Pleasure” newsletter at www.beinvigorated.com.