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Business Stress Cool Tool #25: Ground & Connect with Planetary Acupuncture - Practically Enlightened You

I learned this gem from Star of Star Flower Essences on a trip to Peru. While it was powerful to experience this process at a sacred site like Machu Picchu, I’ve found it just as powerful in humble Oregon. I recently used it while waiting in line at the Portland airport.

Martin Gray, photographer and author, is the originator of Planetary Acupuncture. While he primarily uses this meditation to connect with the energy of sacred sites and earth’s energy, there are benefits that make a good tool for business owners.

What I love about this tool.

  • Simple to use. I’ve taught this process to many clients and they all get it quickly.
  • Accessible. You can use it in any setting. No need to close your eyes or have special props or equipment.
  • I always feel better after just a couple of minutes.


So how the heck does connecting with earth’s energies helps you as a business owner? Good question. Here are some of the benefits I’ve experienced in my life and also observed with my clients.

  • Connect with earth: You’ll feel more grounded, more centered. Ever have a day where you feel off or spacey? This would be a perfect tool to use.
  • Connects you with divine energy: If you get disconnected from your higher purpose, if you get on the train of doing and not being, if you forget the spiritual side of life, then reconnecting to a divine power will reset you quickly.
  • Connects you with your heart: “All you need is love” after all.
  • Connects you with others: Every time you exhale you share a bit of you with the world. When you breathe out with conscious intent from your heart you share that gooey warm loving place with the world and make the world better in the process.
  • Connects you to your wholeness: You know that magic trick where the woman in the box gets cut in half? While I’ve never worked on or with a person who’s been literally cut in half, it’s not uncommon to see people who “live” in half of their bodies.

If you’re someone who lives in the spiritual realms or in your head you might get disconnected from your lower body. The opposite can also be true. This meditation will help reconnect your upper and lower bodies.

  • You’ll claim a few moments of stillness. Even if you’re in a busy setting your inner self calms and aligns.

So let’s get to it.

You can stand or sit. To practice close your eyes (but it’s easy to do with eyes open once you’ve experienced it a few times.)

  1. Let your breath become steady and slow.
  2. Allow the divine energies from above to come into your body through your crown chakra, the energy center at the top of your head. Draw that energy into your heart and let it mingle with your energy.
  3. As you exhale let the energy in your heart move out through your root chakra at the base of your body. (My addition is to move the energy out through the soles of my feet as well.)
  4. Next breath, bring the energy of the earth in through your root chakra (and soles of feet) and bring the energy to your heart.
  5. With your exhalation let that energy move out from your heart to the world and space around you.

Did you try this tool? And what was your experience?

To read more about Martin Gray’s work check out his website.