Travel with Yoga

Once on a week adventure to the island of Cozumel my luggage didn’t arrive. I wore felt clogs on the plane from Indiana.  (I know, what was I thinking.)  Without my suitcase those clogs were my only shoes and it was in the high 80’s.

My suitcase also contained the essentials for a week of fun in the sun: snorkeling gear, bathing suits, sunscreen…

As you can imagine I was pretty anxious to get my bag pronto. The airline official asked if there was anything in my bag that would identify it as mine. Bathing suits and beach towels was not making my suitcase stand out.

Then I remembered my yoga mat. It even had my name on it. My luggage was retrieved and we had a great week.

Thank you yoga mat.

I take a yoga mat or my yoga paws every time I travel. But yoga isn’t just for when I reach my destination. It’s my bud in the air, on the train, in the car, and while waiting.

In fact, I’ve practiced yoga on many a plane and in airports around the world. I even led a group of fellow travelers in a yoga session while we were all stranded at a jungle airport in Peru.

If you’re familiar with yoga bring along your mat and a few poses you can do from a seated position: spinal flex, a gentle seated twist, a neck stretch…If yoga is foreign to you, then commit to learning a few poses for the plane.

If you prefer having a mat, you might want to get one just for travel. They sell ultra-light ones. I bought one that folds and then, because I’m short, I was able to cut some length off to save weight and space.

Your favorite travel moves?