You need to make a business decision or write copy for your website or create some class content or… But first you need clarity and it ain’t showing up. The harder you try, the more clarity refuses to cooperate and the more stressed you become.

Mr. Basil at Your Service

You need to meet my friend. His official name is Ocimum basilicum, but you can call him basil. Mr. Basil will grab ahold of your lapels and gently shake you awake. He’ll help you focus, clearing out mental fatigue and low-lying clouds while lifting your spirits.

Warning: This Essential Oil May Improve Your Life

You know how on the drug ads you get a list of side effects like “may cause sudden death or extreme unpopularity?” Well, aromatherapy can also cause “side effects” too. They just happen to be mostly positive.

So while you’re clearing out mental debris, basil essential oil may also erase your stress headache, including migraines. You might find your allergies or other respiratory problems such as sinus infections or asthma improving.

Basil oil comes in several varieties. You want to buy a brand that lists the Latin name so you know what you’re getting. The common name on the label might say basil or sweet basil. Some aromatherapy companies sell a variety that contains more of a particular chemical constituent in it. Then the label will read sweet basil “linalool” or just basil linalool. And BTW-don’t expect the essential oil to smell like the herb you use in cooking.

You also might find Mr. Basil’s cousin for sale, holy basil or Ociumum sanctum. Although she has some of the same properties, she definitely has her own personality and aroma.  Like the Mr. she’s also helpful with your stress and banishing headaches.

How to use

The best way to make basil’s acquaintance is to breath in the oil. Sniff it right from the bottle. And remember, as with anything related to your health, it’s your health and your responsibility. If you’re sensitive to scents, take your time greeting basil. That way you can pay attention to your reaction.

Do you use basil oil? Interested in trying it?  Please share your thoughts here.