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Have you attended a graduation recently? I attended the ceremony at Oregon School of Massage where I teach. Stories from the graduates, their families, and friends always rank as my favorite part. I found my eyes tearing up as Maggie’s stepdad talked about how proud he was of his beautiful daughter. Diana’s mom’s emotion said as much as her words. Rachel’s comment about wanting to leave a different footprint, Amber Rose talking about being called to this work… The transformations, the accomplishments…

And yet, there’s so much more to come for these new (almost) lmts. Allen encouraged the graduates to seek balance. I want to advocate for the other side of the coin. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a yoga teacher. I make it a point to have tea regularly with my friend balance.

I’m guessing it wasn’t balance that brought you to school or that got you through. Being a little obsessed helps. Look at people who accomplish their dreams—the Oprahs of the world. Yes, they probably revisit the issue of balance regularly. But they live in the land of passion and obsession.

I challenge you to talk to people who have reached their big dreams, people you admire. I meet former students who are doing exactly what they want to do. They did it by knowing their passion and not letting go. The former students I meet who end up working somewhere so they have a job might have more balance, but they seem to have less joy.

BTW-don’t forget to find some balance in the middle of your obsession.

Renee Baribeau, one of my fellow author’s from the Next Top Spiritual Author contest put together a teleclass series of author’s from the competition.  You’ll get to hear them read from their diverse works–poetry, fiction, and non-fiction and talk about inspirations and experiences. 

Here’s the scoop. presents


A Modern Day Book Slam

  •  Tuesday, June 15 – 3pm (PST)Authors include:  Stephanie ~ Hope Ann,  Roger Joyeux, Carol Woodliff, Stuart Rosen, Lori Boatman
  •  Tuesday, June 22 – 11am (PST)Authors include: Rev. Dr. Audrey Reed, Sharon Roemmel, LMT, BSW, RA, Katherine T Owen, Eliana Gilad 
  • Tuesday, June 29 – 3pm (PST) Authors include:  Michael Robbings, David Wodtke , Betsy Muller ,  Rev Edie Weinstein,  Gunilla Hodges

I hope you’ll be on the call on June 22 with me.   

Schedule is subject to change.   Be sure to register with Renee at:

 to receive the updates on these classes.

Yesterday I overheard a conversation between two massage therapists. Yes, I eavesdrop. “Anne” was saying that she was heading to nursing school. The conversation went something like this.

“So why are you returning to school? Have you always wanted to be a nurse?”

Anne’s answer? “No.” She just couldn’t see herself making it long term in massage. Not enough money to contribute to her retirement, afraid her body won’t hold up…

I don’t know Anne. Never saw her before. But I felt sad for her. I would hope for anyone taking on the commitment of school that they would feel excited about their new course of study, drawn to work in that field.

Anne sounded disillusioned with her work as a massage therapist. Or rather she was disillusioned with what wasn’t working for her. Maybe a new career will be her cure.

Is the Massage Profession to Blame?

My frustration is that Anne is blaming the profession. While some massage therapists aren’t paying their bills, others are thriving. That tells me there’s more going on here.

I would love to work with Anne (are you listening?) to help her explore her business model, her beliefs around prosperity, her passions, how she’s tending to her body… I’m not attached to whether Anne (or you) stays in your profession. I’ve known massage therapists that moved into another line of work because they felt finished with their massage career or they felt the pull of some other passion. It’s just as great to know when to move on as to move into this field.

Here’s what’s sad for me. If Anne would still like to offer massage, if she still feels a call to this work, it’s a shame that she’s leaving. I didn’t hear her say “Boy, I’m really ready to be done with massage.”

Hey Anne—It’s possible to fund your retirement from your massage career. I am and I’m not alone. Hey Anne—You could create a self-care plan to ease your fears about your body withstanding the rigors of massage. I know many people, including myself, whose bodies are doing great after 10, 15, 20 years of working full-time in this field.

I Believe…

I believe everyone in the world (including you and Anne) deserves to enjoy work that rewards them up, that uses their best skills and talents, and that stretches them enough that they stay alive and interested in the work.

And You? 

How about you? What can you do to support yourself in fully enjoying your work or in moving on?
I’d love to hear your thoughts. My blog is a great place to do that.
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A fellow entrepreneur recently confided that she’s been struggling with anxiety. Her racing heart was scary. Could something be wrong?  Her doc prescribed anti-anxiety meds and all was well for awhile.

Then the symptoms resurfaced. Back to the doc. The dosage went up and again her heart quit doing the rumba. But once again her heart headed back to the dance hall. She said her head knew she was safe. But her body was yelling danger, danger. Something wasn’t right.

Override switch?

We can try and override the wisdom of our bodies. But our bodies and our spirits are wise. Very wise. Your body wants to keep you alive. Your spirit wants you to be whole. We develop clever ways to cover up these messages. To ignore them.

My friend didn’t want to blame herself. If you believe that your thoughts create your reality you can fall into a trap of blame. For example, if my thoughts were more perfect/pure I wouldn’t have contracted this disease.

And then there’s the law of attraction. Focus on your anxiety and won’t you just get more anxiety? Rather than focus, I’m suggesting you give a persistent message a voice. Think of what you’re doing as enlisting the support of an interpreter. I’m talking about making a safe place for your wisdom to come forth.

When you listen to these kinds of messages you and your business will be more whole, more authentic.

So how do you create do this place? You may have your own way of accessing your inner guidance. Use that. Here are some ways that have worked for me when a message refused to be ignored.

1.     Meditate and ask for information. Then be still and pay attention. During the meditation you can also see the symptom outside of yourself and have a conversation with it.

2.     Draw, paint, collage, sing, write, or dance the message. Let the message come through art.

You need to disconnect from your thinking mind and give your wild intuitive mind the reins.

Your thoughts, comments, and ideas? You can share them at my blog.

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forward bend

Ever taken a yoga class? When I teach yoga I lead my students on an internal journey. I invite them to find their perfect stretch. Intensity, yes. Pain, no.

What stretches you? I don’t mean your hamstrings. I’m talking about you, the inner you. The you that’s a business owner, a healer.

You read my intro about entering the Next Top Spiritual Author contest? Entering this contest was a stretch for me. Why? Because the contest requires me to put myself out there to the world in a bigger way. I’m risking rejection. Then there are the logistical and technical aspects. Making a video, getting the lighting right, uploading it to You Tube…

Practicing massage, healing work, being an entrepreneur… All provide you with opportunities for stretching. You might have experienced a stretch when you felt the call to your work. Once you’re in it, the opportunities just keep on coming.

I invite you to think about a place in your business or life where you’re being called to grow. Maybe there’s a place where you haven’t listened to your inner voice. A place where you float comforta

bly in your safety zone.

Nothing wrong with having a safe place. It’s just if we stay in our safe place it can become a rut. A big rut.

We’re designed for growth. Our souls crave it. If you ignore that craving the universe gives you a big kick in the rear. Or you get sick or depressed. At least that’s been my observation. Much more gentle to find your stretch point on your own.

Ok, so you know a place where you’re could use a stretch. You’ve decided to take the conscious route. No kick in the butt for you. What’s next?

Once you’ve declared your intention to stretch, pay attention. You might be surprised at how quickly opportunities come. Trust that you’ll have the answers and the courage to stretch in the perfect way. And know that I’m cheering for you.

Are you willing to publicly share your intention to stretch? Heck, that can feel like a stretch. Add your voice to the comment section below and we’ll all say, “Yeah!” to your intention.     

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