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I’ve been waiting.

At first I had good reasons. Other priorities. My new website wasn’t ready. Then there were glitches in the new site to work out. And then…

And then I started to argue for my limitations.

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours.”

Richard Bach

I went from genuine reasons to not blogging yet (no blog set up was a pretty good reason, don’t you think?) to arguing for my limits. The New Year was coming. Might as well wait until then. Plenty of other things on my plate especially with the holidays…

Finally I asked for guidance. And it was clear I should start writing now. Not next year. Now.

To blog, let us count the reasons

Well, it’s really one big reason. More interaction. I’ve been sending out my ezine for 3 years. I get comments back (and I really appreciate them.) BUT you never get to talk with each other.

Now you’ll be able to make comments right here at the article. You can share more about who you are, as well as your ideas. Learn from the ideas of others. Ask for clarification.

Here’s what to expect (although this is a work in progress.)

Great resources for your massage or healing practice. Notice I said “your” practice. The information I’ll be sharing isn’t just about growing a successful massage practice. It’s about creating and growing a practice uniquely your own.

I’ll share ideas like:

Energy work tips to help keep you and your business energized and aligned

Ways to attract more of “your” clients

The care and feeding of massage therapists/healers


Inspiration. We all need some inspiration. Success stories, quotes,… I’ll share mine. Will you share yours?

Your thoughts, ideas, questions? I’d love to hear them on the articles, audios, and videos I post. Let’s get a conversation going!

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