Trust is an issue for me.

Actually I have a lot of trust. I trust that my car will get me to my destination. I trust that my friends and family will be there for me. I trust in the goodness and kindness of people. I trust my credit union. I trust in the power of wholeness.

My trust issues are with myself. They don’t haunt me every moment. In some circumstances I completely trust my abilities, my knowledge, and my skills.

But at other times lack of trust in myself will throw me off balance. Or maybe I’m off balance and the negative thinking seizes the opportunity and slinks into my brain and finds it’s favorite chair.

My job is to fill every seat in the auditorium of my brain with happy, supportive thoughts. And if a slacker thought like lack of trust files in, my job is to quickly displace the loser.

One way I do this is with affirmations. The right affirmations calm me. Even if I don’t believe them 100% in the beginning, I know at some level that they’re true. I know that they support my best self, the self that I’m interested in hanging out with, the self I’m interested in sharing with others.

And I know to be 100% committed to my path, to be of service in the way I want to be of service I must trust what I’m here to offer. I know that to be true for you as well.

I’d like to share an mp3 affirmation recording with you. It’s a quick two-minute invitation to more trust—trust in your guidance, trust in your body, trust in your skills…

You can listen to it here. Trust2

Or you can put it on your phone and then, like me, listen when you’re on the go.

Is trust an issue for you as well? I’d love to know if you find my recording useful.