Last week I was working on re-writing a web page. It wasn’t flowing. I knew the current page didn’t say what I wanted it to, but I couldn’t get a handle on the right verbiage.

Some days the words seem to come on their own. This wasn’t one of those days. I tried working on another project, but the program froze.

I tried a third project. I couldn’t remember a password and the reset message wasn’t arriving. I felt stuck.

More Opportunity to Practice

Next day my car got stuck in the snow on my way into town. I had to laugh. Ok, I get the message. I need to do something different. Between walking in the snow and digging my car out, my day was much different than the day before. When I got back to my computer, a project that had stalled the day before was back on track.

For me this is one of those lessons I keep getting. “Do something different when you feel stuck.” For me it can be as simple as getting up and moving around, shifting my focus to something else.

More Ideas

Another of my favorites–Talk about your stuck place or project with someone else. Make sure that someone is a good listener, can ask great questions, and will help you explore creative solutions. Hiring a coach is one option. A friend or colleague may come to mind too.

Another great resource is Pema Chodron’s Getting Unstuck audiobook. A gentle mindfulness approach related to stuckness, she compassionately addresses the ruts and habits that keep us stuck.

If you have an ipad check out this free app, Unstuck.

In a short amount of time you get possible solutions based on your answers.

Your ideas for getting unstuck?