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Cool Tool #13: Get Help for Your Business - Practically Enlightened You

Time and money.

Ever been stressed as a business owner by time and money? When these two bad boys tango your stress multiplies.

Today’s cool tool is a magician. It will help you with lack of time and money dilemmas all at once.  That’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

The Business Gurus’ Time/Money Advice

Any business guru will tell you to spend your time on the things you do well. Then hire help for the areas that you either struggle with or at best, competent.

Those three hours you spend on getting the graphics right for your brochure are three hours you could spend working with a client, developing materials, marketing your business, getting a massage… If you’re skilled with graphics, love doing that kind of project, or really want to learn the skill, then go for it.

But if you’re choosing to do it yourself because of the other big stressor, money, then I have a great resource.

Meet Fiverr

If you haven’t been introduced, Fiver.com is a site where you can purchase or sell all kinds of services for $5. Even the most cash-strapped business owner can come up with five bucks.

You might be surprised at what people are willing to sell for $5. Here are a few offerings:

  •  Logos developed
  • Post flyers
  • Advise on marketing strategy
  • Edit a document
  • Set up a website

Too Good to be True?

I tried it out as a buyer and have been very pleased with the results. I’ve used two different sellers and found the service fast and professional. Here’s the graphic I had made for my “52 Cool Tools blog post event.”52 Cool Tools

I’m sure you can get some dud services. The truth is I’ve paid much more than $5 for service that weren’t great. For me the dollar amount takes away some of the risk.

 Another Downside to Fiverr?  

You could waste all the time you save from outsourcing your project by surfing the site. You’ll find unusual offers like:

  •  Having someone juggle sharp objects while they yell your message
  • Put your friend’s face on an object
  • A song written based on a craigslist ad.
  • Have someone meditate on your financial abundance

And if you don’t find the gig you fancy, you can post your suggestions and see if you get any takers.

Share your Fiverr experience here. I’d love to hear about it.