You know that stress impacts you and your business negatively. And you aren’t enjoying the evidence of that stress. Anxiety, extra weight, colds, sleepless nights, tension headaches, unhappy bank account, or an argument with your significant other… They all make you less productive.

You know you need, make that want, to do something to feel more balanced. And you know there are plenty of tools. At least 52. 😀

Tools are Cool, But First…

But before you start trying on tools you need to set an intention.

Why is an intention important? It’s your resolve, your reason. It shines light on the importance of reducing your stress both for you personally and for your business, for your treasured clients and customers.

 Reducing stress, achieving more balance. Neither of these inherently have value. The value comes from your results. And you first need to determine what kind of results you want to put in your shopping cart. No junk food here.

Picking up the Scent

Setting an intention means you stop dead or actually alive in your tracks. You pick up the scent of that which you’ve come here for. You get down on all fours. You explore the dirt. You dig. You sniff. And in all of that you find the scent that you’ll follow. Your intention really says, I will follow this trail. I want more. I want wholeness.

Moving forward without intention might seem easier at first. Let’s just get to it. Moving forward with intent means you do some work. It’s like tilling your soil before you throw seeds down rather than just tossing some seeds down. But you’ll get more results from taking the time to set an intention.

Your intent?

Write down your intention related to claiming more balance. Couple of guidelines for you.

  1. Use “I intend” as your starting phrase.
  2. Include the “what” and the “why.”
  3. Use words that have meaning for you. Use powerful active words.
  4. Posting your intention here means you’ll be inviting support from all who read this. It commits you at a deeper level when you announce your intention to the world. Another way to enhance your success. I’ll show you my intention if you show me yours.

 The Rewards of Intention

Once your intention is in place you’ll be able to more easily select the correct tools for you. Plus you’ll find it easier to stick with your new patterns because the reasons for making a change will be clear.