If you haven’t seen this video by Daniel Christopherson (guitar, song, words, & voice) watch it now. If you’ve already seen Daniel’s video, watch it now.


It says it all.

Love is who we are.

Love is high vibration. Fear, depression, anger, hopelessness, overwhelm, judgment… They’re all low vibration characters. When you hang out with the high vibe guys you feel better. You attract good stuff into your life.

And from that place you’re more likely to do the work you’re called to do. You’re more likely to make progress toward your goals. And you’re more likely to enjoy the journey.

You feel more balanced, less stressed.

Love brings the energy of  “I know who I am and why I’m here.”

When I watch this video I notice that my breath deepens. I feel my heart open. I start to smile. I love everybody.

I’m curious if Daniel’s video does this for you or your have your own “love anchor?” A “love anchor” is that thing or person or place that causes instant good feelings every time you think of them or it.

Your “Love Anchor”

How to use this tool

1. If you like this video, bookmark it and watch it frequently, especially on days when you know your mood is dipping.

2. Choose your own personal “love anchor.” Think of something that makes your heart open every time you think of it.

For me it’s Puffy. There’s something about my little orange tabby that makes my heart open. He can do no wrong. It’s unconditional love all the way.

Find your own Puffy. When you feel your mood dipping or hear yourself being cranky, conjure up the image of your “love anchor.”

Think puppy. Or sunrise. Or your baby. Or relaxing on the beach. Or your favorite squeeze. Or how much you enjoyed helping a client.

The increase in your vibration means you’ll feel better. And when you feel better your business feels better.

Do you love this video as much as I do? What’s your “love anchor?”