CPR Thanks

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards clearing your path toward success.

Iím delighted that you have decided to have a Clear Path Reading to support your success. Let me outline the steps for you.

1. Burning question: What’s your most burning question about your business? Your question will set the direction for the reading. Maybe you already know your question. But if you don’t, check in with your internal guidance. Not sure how to do that? Here are some suggestions.

· Get quiet and disconnect from your mind. (Don’t worry. You’ll reconnect with it soon.) Tuning into your breath or heart can be helpful.

· Ask the question “What is my most burning question about my business?” Then wait for your answer. It may come right away. It may come later. Don’t force the process. Trust that you’ll get the perfect answer, or rather, the perfect question.

· When you know your question, email me at Sharon@PracticallyEnlightenedYou.com with:


o Your question

o 2-3 times that would work for us to meet by phone in the next 7-10 days

o Your time zone

2. Reading: With your question in mind I’ll read the energy of your business, as well as your energy. Iíll assess the subtle energy in the form of your energy field or aura, your chakras, and energy cords.

· Energy field or aura: the subtle energy surrounding your physical body

· Chakras: Sanskrit word that refers to your energy centers. While there are thousands, weíll focus on the seven major chakras plus the ones in your hands and feet.

· Energy cords: energy attachments to and from your energy field and that of another person, place, animal, thing, or idea.

When I complete the reading you will get an email with some possible appointment options along with your chart. (Don’t worry if you don’t understand what the chart means.) Please email me as soon as possible so we can schedule your appointment time. I will email you back with a specific time to call.

3. Results

When you call me at your appointment time (503-362-9344) youíll need:

· Your chart

· Something to write with

Weíll spend up to 60 minutes reviewing the results of your reading. The review is an interactive process that includes:


  • Overview of your reading
  • Plenty of time for you to ask questions
  • Brainstorming of ideas that will allow you to incorporate the results of your reading into your business or life. You’ll leave the reading with at least one action item.