Did you see this?

I consider myself a pretty aware person. How about you? Well, I failed this awareness test. Maybe you’ll fare better. Watch this video. It’s very short. See how you do and then join me back here. awareness test

How did you do?

The law of attraction (and it’s a law so you don’t get to argue with it) says that you get what you focus on. Focus on how few clients you have in a week and guess what you get? Fewer clients. Pay attention to the fact that you’ve helped someone this week and guess what you get? More opportunities to help.

I know it can feel challenging. The “truth” is you only had 2 clients and you want 20. The “truth” is that you have a crappy landlord (mine’s great BTW) or that you’re really tired or your back hurts. But when you focus on that stuff you often miss the wonderful and amazing things that do show up.

Flip Switch

Do you know this tip from Excuse Me Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn? She suggests you come up with a “flip switch” topic every morning.

Pick a topic that feels good to focus on. It can be anything. The daffodils in your yard, the positive feedback from a client, how you feel when you hear your favorite song…

Then when you find your mind gremlins fuming over the client who no-showed you shift your thoughts to those beautiful daffodils. You’ll shift away from thoughts that attract more no-showing clients to a more positive vibe attracting more of everything good. You might even see a moonwalking bear and you can’t beat that.

Sound a little to Pollyanna like for you? Try it for a week and notice what happens.

How’d you do on the test? Your thoughts?