Long-time friend and colleague, Mary L. Hammond, MA, LPC, author of Living Your Soul’s Purpose and international  trainer, offers a taste of her Dynamic Energetic Healing ® in today’s post. 

Relieve Stress with Dynamic Energetic Healing®

Dynamic Energetic Healing ® (onedynamicenergetichhealing.org) is a model for transformation of illnesses and life stressors in the larger field of Energy Psychology, (energypsych.org.) It involves adjusting your energy field—the bio-field around you, the meridian channels delineated in Chinese medicine, and the chakra system along the spine as defined in yoga—to strengthen and balance your body-mind-energy which alleviates illness and changes life patterns.


Then we create an intention, such as: “To manage my day to day stress effectively.”

This will involve both healing the current stress as well as the energy of past losses, stressors or traumas that hold stress in place in the energy field.

Meridian Point Diagram

First we use Muscle (energy) testing to prepare your energy field for the releases necessary for healing.


Stress may cause one’s energy to run backwards or get stuck. This phenomenon blocks the ability for healing or change to occur.  If this is present in the individual’s energy field, as determined with energy testing, we apply pressure by tapping on a small intestine meridian point from Chinese medicine, on the side of the hand.

With the reversal corrected we can proceed with finding the times and events that have culminated in the current stress. These events are termed “origins”


Again with energy testing we find current life events that hold issues that need healing. We also assess energy from our parents and ancestors that create disturbance in the energy field—ancestral origins. The soul also holds the origins of stress in the stories of past lives or of the collective unconscious.

As we access these stories of our current life, our ancestors and past lives we place our hands on the points or energy centers that will release the trauma and stress.

We re-visit the wounds of our childhood, the losses of our ancestors and the traumas of past lives to create a thorough and lasting relief of our body’s tendency to carry too much stress.

For example, using a stream of light one may return to time at 5 years old when tension was so high in the family that it literally spilled over into the child’s body. She may have grown up accommodating to a high degree of stress, and then believed that this level of stress was normal. Throughout her life she creates situations that kept her stress at this high, intense level that feel “normal” to her.

 In addition she may carry the energy of her great grandmother who had lived hand to mouth during the depression. She carries this survival level stress in her energy field

Finally, she revisits a past life where she and her family members died in a fire. For eons her soul unconsciously carried this fear, looking for current life reasons to explain it.

By applying the hands on energy strategies of Dynamic Energetic Healing® in these realms, a high stress person can learn to release and relax. To support this new way of living on-going, one simply uses the energy strategies on a daily basis to keep stress at a truly normal level.

Mary Hammond, MA, LPCMary L. Hammond, MA, LPC, co-creator of Dynamic Energetic Healing ® and author of Living Your Soul’s Purpose has a private practice in Salem, Oregon. She also teaches internationally. For more information on Mary and her life changing work check out her websites.