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Frequently Asked Questions about Purposeful Yoga Retreat in Mexico

What airport do we fly into?

You’ll fly into the Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa airport. Our destination is about 40 minutes from the airport.


What about local transportation? Will I need to rent a car?

While you can rent a car, it’s not necessary. We’ll meet you at the airport and provide transportation to and from the airport as long as we can coordinate flights. Many flights arrive in late afternoon. If you choose a different time of day or a different day to arrive then you can easily get a taxi from the airport.

Once you’re in the area you can either walk the beach to local restaurants or stay at the resort. Getting a cab is also an option for local transportation.

Can you tell me more about the retreat area?

We’ll be staying the Troncones Playa area in the village of Majahua. Think unspoiled beaches with the perfect blend of local laid-back lifestyle and services for tourist.

You can walk for miles on the beaches. While you’ll find tourist services, the place isn’t overrun with tourists. And the locals are super friendly and warm.

In Tronocones you’ll find, a Pharmacia, a few small convenience stores that carry some food plus sundries like batteries and first aid supplies. You’ll also find a few other shops and restaurants.

Majahua has a handful of restaurants and a couple of small tiendas with a limited food assortment. You’ll be able to get some snacks or a beverage there. From the resort where we’ll be staying you can walk to Majahua about 10-15 minutes by either beach or road.

Local attractions include eco-hiking, horseback riding on the beach, kayaking, stand up paddleboard, and bird watching.

A great way to get a sense of the area is to watch this video. In the beginning you’ll see an aerial view of the resort where we will be staying.

Can you tell me more about the resort?

We’ll be staying at a small, quiet, clean resort. With only eleven units everyone is close to the beach, the restaurant, and swimming pool.

Most of the units are single story bungalows and have at least a little ocean view.

The yoga platform is on the third floor with a view of the mountains and ocean. The resort is well maintained and has great customer service.


What is the food like?

The restaurant at the resort serves three meals a day. Breakfast options include standard breakfast choices like pancakes, eggs, and granola and Mexican specialties like huevos ranchero. Lighter fare includes fruit smoothies, fruit, and yogurt.

For other meals or snacks you can enjoy local specialties like just caught fresh snapper, enchiladas, fajitas, and guacamole as well as choices like hamburgers, pasta, and salads. There’s also a bar. You can get coconut water so fresh that you can watch them cut your coconut off the tree!

Other area restaurants offer similar choices in addition to a place with wood fired pizza.


The resort has a small gift shop with sundries, local crafts, maybe some clothes or jewelry. 

There are 2 small tiendas within walking distance of the resort where you can pick up snacks, beverages, chocolate, etc.

Troncones has a handful of places of shops selling food. You’ll also find a few places where you can buy gifts, jewelry, clothes, etc. Plus there’s one pharmacy. Once a week locals host an open air market with crafts. 

If you can’t live without it, you better bring it.

Can my special diet be accommodated?

It’s easy to find vegetarian food—beans, rice, taco, sopes, salads, etc. If you’re looking for vegan I found places great about accommodating a no-dairy option.

Gluten free is also easy to find. If you need to avoid corn you’ll be a bit more limited here, but it will still be possible to find enough to eat. You won’t find things labeled gluten free, but wheat is not as ubiquitous as it is in the U.S.

Like gluten free, you won’t find anything labeled Paleo, but getting protein and veggies is easy here. Probably not as much variety in vegetables as we’re used to in the United States, but lots of options for fresh seafood. 

The restaurant at the resort is very accommodating if you do have special needs. If you have special needs beyond what is mentioned here please ask before signing up for the retreat. I can’t promise that your specific needs will be accommodated.

In Troncones there is one vegan restaurant and a couple of other places that usually has more vegetarian options. 

Is the food safe to eat? The water safe to drink?

You definitely don’t want to drink the tap water. Bottled water is available in your room and at restaurants and stores. And you want to be careful about where you eat. We feel safe eating at the resort as well as many of the other local restaurants. We can tell you some you might want to avoid.

What kind of activities are available in the area?
  • Kayaking 
  • Horseback riding on the beach
  • Hike to a cave
  • Beach walking for miles
  • Cacao ceremony 
  • Boat trips
  • Surfing
  • Massage, energy work, acupuncture, and chiropractic
  • Manicures & pedicures
  • Turtle release
  • Salsa dancing
What kind of yoga experience do I need? What style of yoga do you teach?

Classes are appropriate for all levels including those with little or no yoga experience. I teach a gentle style of yoga with lots of instruction and permission to go at your own pace.

Morning and afternoon classes will include breath, postures, and some relaxation. Afternoon classes will be focused on rejuvenation. Content of the classes depends upon who is in attendance.

I teach an eclectic style of yoga that pulls from various traditions. 

Abilities and Disabilities

You’ll need to be able to walk up stairs, as yoga class will be on the third floor. (We will have a view of the ocean!) You’ll need to be comfortable walking short distances around the resort. You’ll probably want to walk 10-15 to other restaurants, but that’s not necessary.

Other than that there are no physical requirements for the retreat.

What about Internet access and cell phone reception?

The resort has Wi-Fi access that is pretty reliable. The speed is often fast enough for video chatting, but not always. You can also access Wi-Fi at some of the restaurants in Troncones. 

Cell phone service is spotty along this coast. Don’t count on it. I sometimes had a signal, but one bar. I received some text while here, but intermittent. One woman was able to text and receive text all the time. Definitely want to check with your carrier.

What kind of weather can we expect?

Temps will range between 70-95 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s almost always a nice ocean breeze.

Troncones area boasts an average of 300 days of sunshine each year. Rainy season ends in October so we don’t expect any rain at all in January or February. 

Do I need to know any Spanish?

You can get by without any Spanish, but it’s always nice to have a little bit to communicate with locals. There will be someone at most restaurants who speaks English and most menus will have English translations as well. You might run into a Spanish-only beach restaurant without a menu. That adds to the adventure, right?

Arriving early or staying longer

If you’d like to extend your stay, I can offer some guidance about places to stay in Troncones or Majahua

Is it safe to travel to this area?

Asking if Mexico is safe is like asking if the U.S. is safe. Depends upon where you go, what you do, and what you attract. While areas of Mexico aren’t safe, we feel as safe in this area as any small town in America. Everyone we’ve encountered was kind and gracious.

The retreat is not in a high crime area. Most of the violence that has occurred in Mexico has been drug and gang related. Common sense is the key. Don’t buy or use drugs. Don’t flash large sums of cash.

My groups have commented about how safe they feel in this area. Ultimately you have to feel okay with traveling to Mexico. If you don’t then this probably isn’t the retreat for you.

FYI-Each unit has a safe where you can keep your valuables. While we put money and passports in our safe we didn’t lock our bungalow because we left the shutters open. We left laptops, e-readers, smart phones, etc. in view without any issues.