forward bend

Ever taken a yoga class? When I teach yoga I lead my students on an internal journey. I invite them to find their perfect stretch. Intensity, yes. Pain, no.

What stretches you? I don’t mean your hamstrings. I’m talking about you, the inner you. The you that’s a business owner, a healer.

You read my intro about entering the Next Top Spiritual Author contest? Entering this contest was a stretch for me. Why? Because the contest requires me to put myself out there to the world in a bigger way. I’m risking rejection. Then there are the logistical and technical aspects. Making a video, getting the lighting right, uploading it to You Tube…

Practicing massage, healing work, being an entrepreneur… All provide you with opportunities for stretching. You might have experienced a stretch when you felt the call to your work. Once you’re in it, the opportunities just keep on coming.

I invite you to think about a place in your business or life where you’re being called to grow. Maybe there’s a place where you haven’t listened to your inner voice. A place where you float comforta

bly in your safety zone.

Nothing wrong with having a safe place. It’s just if we stay in our safe place it can become a rut. A big rut.

We’re designed for growth. Our souls crave it. If you ignore that craving the universe gives you a big kick in the rear. Or you get sick or depressed. At least that’s been my observation. Much more gentle to find your stretch point on your own.

Ok, so you know a place where you’re could use a stretch. You’ve decided to take the conscious route. No kick in the butt for you. What’s next?

Once you’ve declared your intention to stretch, pay attention. You might be surprised at how quickly opportunities come. Trust that you’ll have the answers and the courage to stretch in the perfect way. And know that I’m cheering for you.

Are you willing to publicly share your intention to stretch? Heck, that can feel like a stretch. Add your voice to the comment section below and we’ll all say, “Yeah!” to your intention.