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Sharon has the perfect combination of empathy and compassion to help you get in touch with the deeper emotional aspects necessary to create change. At the same time she helps you come up with practical daily/weekly tasks, which may seem like such small steps but amazingly it all comes together and one day you realize you’ve reached your goal! I have experienced profound improvement in my confidence, relationships, and self awareness.

Rachel Meyer

Integrative Massage and Wellness, Annapolis Maryland, ★★★★★

Sometimes on the path of life, we lose our way, or perhaps come to a fork in the road and need someone who will guide us back into our own heart to discover the decisions we need to make in order for our life to move forward. When I began working with Sharon, I really had no idea what a life coach could offer me. It just sounded like a good idea because I felt….well…stuck! Our first session convinced me that I was working with someone with that rare magic who could guide and support me with unconditional acceptance. During our sessions, Sharon offered me an amazing array of creative resources to light my way and personalize my unique journey and, at the same time, reminding me of and honoring my own innate gifts and talents. My life has more clarity and promise because of our work together. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a more honest and fulfilling life. She is a rare gem!

Kathleen Braza

Writer and speaker, Salem, OR, ★★★★★

Working with Sharon has been a truly life changing experience. I began working with Sharon in January 2016. At the time, I was stuck in unfulfilling and dead-end relationship and seeking a career change but felt trapped and discouraged. I reached out to Sharon with the goal of obtaining a better direction in my life. With Sharon’s help, I was able to identify my deepest life values and develop a trajectory that more aligned with those values. Through working closely with Sharon over several months, I was able to muster the courage to end my relationship and quit my job, a step that I never dreamed was possible. I moved to a larger city and within about 5 months I met the man of my dreams and several months later I landed my dream job with a nonprofit organization. By working with Sharon through a number of tapping exercises, I was able to transform my beliefs about myself that had been for so long been inhibiting me from developing and maintaining a strong and satisfying relationship and had been preventing me from viewing myself in a positive way. I was able to reshape these beliefs into more positive and loving beliefs that have allowed me to develop and maintain a loving and healthy relationship and feel more confident about myself. I have achieved my dreams by working with Sharon and would strongly recommend Sharon to others who are seeking to transform their life and fulfill their lifelong dreams.


Washington, D.C., ★★★★★

You made me feel like my concerns and fears were easy to overcome. In my mind, my goals seemed so hard and unattainable, plus I had a lot of fear. Through your guidance, I came to understand that this was an achievable goal and it was actually quite easy to work toward.

Melissa K.

Business owner, Bend, Oregon, ★★★★★

People talk about having their dreams and goals on the back burner – mine weren’t even on the stove. Years went by and the busy-ness of life took its toll, and it seemed like I could never carve out the space to manifest my own dreams and desires. In the four months I’ve worked with Sharon, I’ve made more progress than in all the previous years combined. Sharon helps me stay true to what matters most. She honors my rather quirky style (“Sharon, I need structure… but we can’t call it structure!”) and helps me move forward even though I am perhaps the most disorganized, unstructured, chaotic person she has ever worked with. And yes, she has helped me create structure that actually works for me!

How often can any of us say I just spent an hour with someone and it was all about me. That’s what it means to have Sharon as your coach. It’s like being a boxer and having that champion in your corner who gets you out there fighting your fight, or in my case, living my dreams, achieving my goals, and enjoying life the way I want to live it. Sharon is all of that for me and more. Our conversations are deeply thoughtful and rewarding and somehow make the most daunting obstacles seem easy by the time we are through. If you are seeking your own personal champion, no matter what your endeavors, goals or desires, I highly recommend her. She has truly made a profound difference in my life and I feel very blessed to have found her.

Kim Tally

Writer, San Francisco, CA, ★★★★★

Sharon brings to a wellness activity is an amazing assortment of practices that fosters self awareness. Once the awareness becomes part of the unique you, then the wonderful road to wellness becomes one that is authentic and fun! There is no cookie cutter approach, her work honors who you are and what works especially for you.

Cheryl Gribskov

Minister, writer, owner of Spirit Emerging, ★★★★★

Purposeful Yoga is a masterful blend of meditation, breathwork, and yoga for every body at every stage of practice. Sharon’s seemingly effortless guidance weaves each personal goal into an artful class tapestry, leading each person to a refreshed, restored, and rejuvenated experience. It’s always a great group of women that find their way to Sharon’s class, and I feel comfortable both socializing and staying quiet to myself depending on my needs that particular day. Purposeful Yoga helps me be more present both in my work and with my important relationships. It’s the one self-care piece I never cut out and it carries me throughout my week. I highly recommend Purposeful Yoga to anyone needing some zen in their life!

Jenifer Trivelli

M.S., Social-Emotional Educator, Therapeutic Children’s Book Author, and Certified Youth Yoga Instructor, ★★★★★

I had no idea that there may be something blocking me from living the experience of happiness; but in one session the hindrances to this seemingly elusive emotion were removed and my heart was opened. I am a different person today and have received much more that I could have dreamed was possible when I set out on this journey. It is true that the heart knows what the heart knows, and Sharon is gifted with insight and a unique ability to bring that which is hidden into the light.

Ruth Johnson

Washington, ★★★★★