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Ommwriter: Cool Tool #51 - Practically Enlightened You

Cool Tool # 51: Omm writer

When I get ready to write I feel stressed. Maybe it’s feeling like I won’t know what to say. Or that I’ll be vulnerable if I reveal that, say I feel stressed when I set down to write.

In talking to other writers I know I’m not alone. I’ve used coping mechanisms like my trusty jar of nut butter or multiple games of solitaire.  But honestly they only delay my writing and sometimes increase my anxiety.

Enter Ommwriter

My friend Ommwriter, from the moment I open it, says “relax girl. You know what to say. Take a deep breath. We’re in this together.”

I take its advice because Ommwriter is always right. I do know what to say.

And I say, “Check out Ommwriter.”

It’s free. ( and the paid version is a sliding scale that starts at $4.11.)

It’s fun.

When I finished using the program you can save your file. I copy and paste to a word doc so I can use spell check. But I have to say I miss the pretty background and music. Well, I can always turn on Pandora

How do you make your work environment more relaxing?