Preparing for your retreat means you’ll get more from it. You can:

  • Take the Pre-assessment prior to the retreat. Please scan & send your completed assessment back to me at least 24 hours prior to your retreat. 
  • Read directions for your retreat prep on this page.
  • Get your very own copy of your vr-prep-guide-personal by clicking on the link. 

renewalFor some reason (or multiple reasons) you committed to taking a retreat. Some wise part of you (or every cell of your being) knew this was in your best interest. My goal is to help you honor that wisdom and get exactly what you need from the experience.

Useful prep

Ever prepared for a vacation only to feel like you need a vacation from the pre-trip arrangements? Getting packed, arranging for a house sitter, making sure important people know where to reach you in case of an emergency…

For your virtual retreat I encourage you to take part in any preparations that you’re excited about and to let go of any that feels like one more thing on your to do list. You have my permission to do absolutely no prep.

Useful attitudes

Remember that’s it’s yours baby, all yours! Craft a retreat that fits you and what you need in the moment. You can paint it any color you want.

If you’re like me, your head will have some ideas about how you should “do” this retreat. Heck, ideas…your head will want to lead the show.

Trust me on this…Ask your mind to take a back seat. I’m not saying it can’t have input. It’s just that retreating isn’t always about logic, the domain of that beautiful mind of yours.

I encourage you instead to use your “whole being wisdom” when deciding how to play with your retreat. 

Useful questions

1. My trusty little Mac dictionary defines retreat this way, “an act of moving back or withdrawing.”

Start with asking what you’re moving away from. You can contemplate the question. You might want to take some notes.

Let your answers inform your retreat.

2. Okay…the most important question… How do you want to feel after the retreat? Jot down a list of words, cut out a picture, find a song…some kind of touchstone that will guide you on your path of retreat.

And a few more useful questions if you feel inspired.

3. What do you “need” from the retreat?

4. What’s your body have to say about what it wants from the retreat?

5. How about your emotions?

6. What does your spirit crave?

7. Now with those answers in mind ask “What do I need with me on this retreat?” Make a list of any “must haves” for your retreat. Depending upon your intention for the retreat you might want food that feels really nurturing, your favorite bath salts, organizing supplies, or a your favorite music.

A Few Possible Themes

Every retreat has its own flavor. I’ve gone on retreats where I contemplated my navel. Retreats where I organized papers. Retreats that were all about play. About learning. About renewal. About clarity.

No “one size fits all.” The right thing to do is the thing that’s calling you.

Some ideas for your retreat focus: Read this list of words and phrases and see if any of them speak to you.

  • Pamper.
  • Nurture.
  • Focus on a project.
  • Honor your beauty (yeah you Beautiful!)
  • Listen to your body.
  • Silence.
  • Be inward instead of outward.
  • Get organized.

And if you’re not sure, show up on our first call. After our opening meditation you’ll have more clarity.

Detail stuff

1. Time:

We’ll set a specific time for our first call if we haven’t already. Then we’ll set a series of times to call back and check in. During those times we’ll also be doing some coaching and some exercises or meditations. In between those calls feel free to call in if you get stuck or need some support.

Be sure and set aside the time for your retreat. The more you can clear your plate for the day of the retreat, the better. Sure, you might have some non-negotiables. The cat will still want to be fed.

But clear your plate of as much as possible. Ask yourself can this wait, be delegated, or eliminated from my schedule for today?

Think about food. Is preparing food a nurturing act that you would like to include on your retreat day? Great. Then be sure and have the foods you need on hand.

If you know that having food already prepared will support you, stop at a deli or have something in the freezer so you don’t have to think about food prep come the day of the retreat.

Think about your space. Would cleaning or having your space clean make for a better experience for you? Do you need to go somewhere other than home to really retreat? Maybe a friend will loan you their home for the day or you can rent a hotel room. Or maybe you head to the woods. Then again home, sweet home maybe be your perfect destination.

Think about things. Knowing what you want from your retreat will help you know da thangs you need.

Is there anything you can have on hand…flowers, a particular essential oil, a favorite movie, a juicer, earplugs…that would enhance or support your experience?

Once again, let the joy (or lack of joy) be your guideline in how much or little to prepare.

I’ll call you at our appointed time. If you don’t hear from me please feel free to call me or facetime me at 503-362-9344 or skype me at sroemmel.

Looking forward to connecting with you next week. Let me know if you have questions in the meantime.

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