RePurpose Retreat

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Do feel overwhelmed and too busy? Like life is coming at you from all directions?

Everybody seems to want something from you and you’re running out of energy to give.

Don’t get me wrong. A lot of what happens in your life is good stuff. Family, friends, work, play… It’s just that you’re feeling a bit drained from trying to keep up. Maybe even a little shattered from what’s going on in the world.

What would it be feel like to devote a weekend to YOU? Can you imagine spending a weekend relaxing at a yoga retreat center, unplugging from the rest of the world? Filling back up so you can offer your gifts to the world with full joy?

As a woman you need a place where you feel safe, where you can honor your gifts and challenges, where you can be yourself without fear. You need a place where you can draw sustenance, where you can take care of YOU. Where you can connect to the core of who you are.

What Will Your Retreat Look Like?woman meditating

You’ll start your morning with a slow gentle yoga class. (No experience necessary.) Enjoy eating healthy lovingly prepared meals while leisurely chatting with an inspiring group of women.

Then that oh-so-active mind of yours can take a back seat as you create a “container” symbolizing your outer resilience and boundaries while holding what nurtures you. You’ll be making and decorating a small paper bowl. Whether you’re an artsy person or the thought of art makes you sweat, you’ll create something with meaning for you.

We’ll have another slow paced yoga and meditation class in the evening. And in between you’ll actually have free time to read, take a walk, or a nap.

bowlsJoin an amazing group of women as we create ”containers” of support for ourselves.

  • Explore what drains your resources and leaves you feeling depleted, even resourcesless.
  • Practice tools for protecting and conserving your energy.
  • Allow yourself to be nurtured by healthy food, yoga, good company, and slowing down.
  • Decide what you want in and outside of the container. What nurtures you and what drains you.
  • Renew while creating healthy boundaries.

What Your Investment Includes

  • 2 nights of shared lodging. You’ll be rooming with 1 other woman unless you choose the individual room option. (All rooms include bedding. There’s a sink in the room and shared bathroom down the hall.)
  • 6 delicious healthy vegetarian meals and snacks (Friday dinner, 3 meals on Saturday, as well as breakfast and lunch on Sunday)
  • Daily yoga (No yoga experience necessary.)
  • All of the supplies for creating your “container.” You’ll be provided with a list of a few optional items to bring, things you already have like scissors or pens.

When and Whereananda view

 Friday October 7-Sunday October 9.

Check-in anytime between 3:30-5:30 on Friday. Dinner will be served at 6. Come early if you can to take a walk, relax, and settle in.

Check out time on Sunday is after lunch around 2 p.m.

Location: Ananda Center at Laurelwood located near Gaston, Oregon about an hour from both Portland and Salem. For more info about the retreat center visit their site.


What Former Retreatants Had to Say…Roxanne with art

“I love the projects and making new friends. I found the breathing and the focus on goals helpful. I was meant to here. Please do it again!”

Roxanne Custer

“It was really quite good for me to be part of the rePurpose retreat and to stretch myself. It really helped me get out of my head and open me up to myself again.

Also, I wanted to tell you what an amazing yoga teacher and workshop/retreat facilitator you are. I was truly impressed. You have the perfect balance of nurturing leadership and flexibility, and you always seemed so grounded and solid. Your knowledge as a yoga teacher is abundantly clear and your ability to meet people where they are while also encouraging them to go deeper was evident in every yoga session we had.”

Joanne Scharer

Eileen with art“I loved the organic flow with the framework to give us some structure. I really enjoyed the connection with the group, the women and our conversations. Plus the art. I walked away knowing that I AM CREATIVE. I AM AN ARTIST! I haven’t thought of myself in those terms.”

Eileen Foster Sakai


“I have always wanted to got to a yoga retreat. I really enjoyed the art, the yoga, and the people. I had a great time.”

Lucille Whitman

“The workshop has fortified my resolve to believe in myself and
move forward…I enjoyed all the women in the group. You said it was a great group-you were right.”katy's smile

Katy Bayless

“The artful approach seemed to allow me to suspend my mind and explore emotional

Kathy with artelements rather than rational elements of this personal topic. Interesting. Your directions (questions) for this creative process were compelling. How multilevel, integrating, and focusing artful expression is!”

Kathleen Dewonia

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