Business resources

woman with computerLow cost marketing materials

Low cost business help (graphics, web stuff, marketing, etc.)

Online schedulers

I’ve heard good things about these schedulers. The decision to use one really depends upon your market,  your needs, your budget, and  your comfort level. Most let you try them for free for a trial period.

Royalty Free Photos

It’s illegal to “borrow” photos you find while surfing the web. This includes some of the images that you find on google images.

So how do you get photos to use in your marketing materials? You want to look for “royalty free photos,” meaning photos you gain permission to use and don’t have to pay every single time you use them in your materials. Some are free, some are available for a cost. 

You’re responsible for reading the terms of usage and following them.

A few of the sites where you can find photos; (free)


Green Business Practices

Every decision we make impacts our clients/customers, our bank account, and the environment. I never considered the impact of my massage business on the environment until I took a spa class. Loved the class, but I couldn’t get past all the disposables and questionable products. Since then I’ve been more conscious about the sometimes challenging decisions I make.

Here are a few resources to help.

Here’s an article that I wrote that appeared in the June/July 2006 issue of Massage and Bodywork magazine.

Information about dangers of antibacterial soap.

An easy way to make your business “greener” is to add  plants that actually clean the air.

good list of ingredients found in personal care products to help you through the maze of synthetic and natural products. For those of you who use topical products in your work remember that you expose your clients and yourself.