A retreat is a gift to yourself.

But more than that it’s a gift to the world. Because by renewing (and finding ways to stay renewed) you offer more of your amazing self to the world.

Without the time away to go inward, renew, recommit, and shift habits many of us stay stuck in the same old patterns that aren’t working.

Patterns like:

  • Not making you a priority.
  • Trying to change a behavior the same way you’ve tried before and feeling like a failure one more time.
  • Putting on someone else’s idea of self-care only to find it doesn’t fit you.
  • Attempting to “fix” what’s broken about you.
  • Desperately jumping into something new because you know what you’re doing isn’t working.

Why I Lead Retreats

I remember my first year of full time self-employment. I didn’t trust that I could survive without an employer. I worked long hours taking appointments at times convenient for my clients. I didn’t dare take time off.

A year later I was burned out. I had reached a point where I was desperate for downtime. I signed up for a weeklong yoga and metaphysics retreat in Mexico.

I remember the first couple of days. On breaks between classes my fellow retreatants would swim, body surf, or walk on the beach.

Me, I stared. I sat in the hammock and watched the ocean. It was the best I could do.

I returned from that trip renewed and resolved to never get that depleted again.

That was in 1994. I’ve continued on a quest to stay balanced, grounded, and healthy since then. It’s my pleasure to assist you on your journey.

Choosing wisely, choosing consciously

Do you know what happens when you don’t listen to your inner calling for time away from your regular schedule for renewal, a break, a shift in perspective…?

You’ll get unconscious time off. I’ve seen this pattern time and time again. Someone who is desperate for time off but feels that they can’t take a break instead gets a cold or their back goes out or they loose their job. I once said to myself, “I need a break.” Two weeks later I experienced the only broken bone I’ve ever had.

(I don’t say this to scare you. Rather I want to encourage you to listen to your inner voice when you get the message that you need down time. You may come to one of my retreats or you may craft something on your own. The important piece is that you listen and act.)

Whether you know you need a deep dive into a pool of renewal or you fear that your life has you hostage I have an option just your size.

But first…

Why me?

My background, skills, and training have “retreat” written all over them. I have the ability to create and keep safe, sacred space. I’ve been facilitating groups since the late 70’s. I often get feedback about my ability to gauge the needs of a group and then adapt the content and pacing to that group. I’m approachable, knowledgeable, intuitive, and fun. My background teaching yoga, practicing aromatherapy, and as a massage therapist come in handy too.

Types of Retreats

So what if you feel like you can’t afford to take time away from your regular schedule? What if you feel limited by the money you’d need or the people who rely on you? Too many responsibilities, too many deadlines…

  • Virtual Retreats were created with you in mind. They’re also great for staying filled up and on track in between longer retreats. For more details check back in a couple of days.
  • Group retreats: join an amazing group of women for yoga, renewal, fun, sometimes art, and aligning with your purpose. Connections are made, hearts lifted, bodies renewed, and minds stilled.

The Mexico Purposeful Yoga Retreat is scheduled for January 13-20, 2024.  Sign up below to join the mailing list to get info on upcoming retreats. Every year is a transformational journey with relaxation, adventures, new friends, and yoga!



You can sign up now and be one one of the first to know about upcoming retreats. I invite your input about where and when…the mountains in the summer, Bali next winter… So many choices… What’s calling you?

Personalized in-person retreats

We’ll focus on exactly what you need, be it clarity, self-care assessment, renewal, planning, and oh, yeah…SELF-CARE!!

Details coming.