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 VIP (Very Integrated Package) package coming soon…

For you if you’re ready to have a transformative six months.

You feel a stirring, a calling. You know it’s time to pay attention, to make some significant changes. Maybe you’ve had a big change in your life and aren’t sure how to navigate it. You’re starting a business or moving or navigating relationship changes… Exciting, overwhelming, and scary… 

You know that you need to factor YOU and your needs into the process. And you’re not quite sure how to do this.

If you were preparing for the birth of a baby you would find a midwife or doc to support you through the process. Well, you are preparing for a birth, the birth of a new phase in your life.  And having a “midwife” to guide you and support you will allow for a more aware, pleasant, and fruitful experience.

No more feeling depleted and beat up on your journey. You want to honor the beautiful wholeness you bring. You’re ready to explore your purpose deeply and learn how to live it sustainably.

You’re ready for a path of your own, not a cookie cutter template. And you want consistent, experienced support for that journey.

Coaching and Mentoring

Too many of us work in isolation. We stay stuck in routines and habits and then judge ourselves for doing so. Yet we intuitively know there’s more, that we’re more…

Think of coaching as part scaffolding. It will support the best in you, holding up your values, your dreams, your gifts, and your purpose.

Click here for more info on coaching

Purposeful Yoga

Whether you’re crystal clear about your purpose OR you feel that there’s more you’re supposed to be doing, yoga can serve as your ally.

You must align with your purpose in order to fulfill it. Yoga offers the perfect body, mind, spirit support tool.

More yoga class details here. 

Akashic Record Reading

Have you ever had an Akaschic record reading? About six years ago I signed up for one because I was curious. A friend at a crossroads was staying with us for a few weeks. She raved about an Akaschic reading she had during that time so I decided to give it a try. I found the info useful and accurate. In fact, one image from that reading stayed with me and has guided me since then.

When the man who’d given me the reading offered a class several years later I decided to sign up. I wanted to learn how to access the Akashic records for my own use. I wasn’t intending to become a reader.

Click Here More Akashic Record Reading



Ever gone on a retreat and returned renewed only to find yourself stressed and overwhelmed a few days later? Well, that’s not the kind of retreats I offer.

The truth is that we all need to “retreat,” to step away from our routines and lives from time to time. We need to renew, rethink, and renovate before we resume.

My goal is for you to feel revitalized AND know how to keep that vibe going.

I offer retreats in 3 sizes so you can find one that fits perfectly.