Intuitive Reading

How Often Do You Find Yourself Wondering Why You’re Still Struggling with Your Business?

You have good intentions for your business. But things aren’t happening as fast as you’d like. Not enough clients, not enough money. Maybe you find yourself saying yes to clients when you need to say yes to yourself.

Perhaps you keep getting ill or injuring yourself. Or you feel drained at the end of the day.

Or just when you think you’ll make progress towards your goals a crisis pops up.

Maybe things are going ok for you, but you seem to have reached a ceiling. You just aren’t moving past it. You can’t get clear about what to do next.

Do you feel like a failure because you haven’t figured out how to create your dream business?

 Maybe you assume the reason for your lack of success is your procrastination. Or maybe it’s that you’re lazy. Or not good enough.

Whatever the reason, the fact is that you still don’t have the business you want…the business that will support you financially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

The unseen impacts you AND the success of your business.

Maybe it’s not your fault. Maybe you just haven’t looked in the right place for the answer. Have you considered the impact of the non-physical world on you and your business?

You’re more than a physical body. You’re made up of subtle energy. Ancient mystics recognized what modern science is now acknowledging. And whether you’re a tie dyed new-ager or a skeptic, that subtle energy field impacts you and your business.

Just like a healthy circulatory system supports the health and performance of your entire body, a healthy energy system also supports your health and performance. A block or a leak in your circulatory system can kill you. Blocks or drains to your energy system will impact your health, your abilities, your emotions, your quality of life. They can derail you on your road to success.

Accessing the information about your subtle energies gives you a decided advantage in your life.

My business has chakras too?

Did you know that your business also has an energy system? While you and your business are separate, you both have energy fields. Your field impacts your business and vice versa.

Knowing more about your energy field is like having a window of insight into those invisible forces. Add on knowing about your business’ energy and you get a door instead of a window.

Having the information about both fields in an integrated way:

  • Gives you clarity about challenging decisions.
  • Assists you in shifting beliefs that block your success.
  • Helps eliminate drains to your energy giving you more juice for those areas where you’ve felt blocked.
  • Creates movement in areas that feel like they’ve been on permanent hold.
  • Evaporates the guilt, shame, blame, and confusion that often accompany not living your dreams.

Finally, a way for you to get unstuck and easily move toward your dreams.

Uncover a belief about money, an interfering energy from a loved one, energy blocked by fear or worry, or lack of groundedness. Knowing about one of these nuggets can be the key to shift you towards your dreams.

When you’re not getting the results you want an energy check-up often holds the answers. An intuitive reading uncovers the unseen that’s been holding you back from your success.

Ever had an intuitive reading? You probably gained insights and information that were helpful. With the Clear Path Reading you also get that equally important information about your business’ energy field. Plus you’ll learn how the two work (or don’t work) together.

What others are saying


“This was so great to be reminded of my energetic/emotional body and how that affects my work.  Like where I drain myself and where and how I can change a pattern.  Just talking about the insights she had and processing them with her helped lessen the total affect they had on me.  Even though I’ve done massage for a long time, it was still so helpful.”


 Debbie Lee, LMT in Salem, Oregon





Your Clear Path Reading helped me to understand where I need to focus my attention and where the blocks were that kept the imbalance present.


I appreciated being able to ask specific energetic questions and your clear questions that elicit just the right information.  Thank you for offering this unique service to business owners.”


Kim Holman., Massage Therapist in Salem, Oregon





“I really enjoyed the process of the Clear Path Reading with Sharon.

Having given her a couple of burning questions about my

business, I wasn’t sure if I’d muddled things up too much to get a good read. I was thrilled to receive Sharon’s feedback that both my business and I are really on a much more even keel than I’d expected.


The areas that Sharon suggested might need some attention were exactly right. Her reading felt right on.”



 Kamala Murphey, Life coach in Sacramento, California




“I’m exceedingly glad to report that my energy has continually gone UP since our Clear Path Reading. Up as in clearer, stronger, and a kind of NEWNESS.”


 Layne Young, artist and seer in Salem, Oregon 




Answers to Your Questions

What’s on your mind about your business? What do you wake up thinking about? Do you have a nagging or burning question?

Questions like:

  • How do I bring in more money in less time and affect more people?
  • Why did my client stop coming to see me and go to someone else?
  •  Why do I keep having problems with my body? 
  •  What does my business want/need from me to thrive?
  •  Am I charging appropriately?
  •  Is there a balance of giving and receiving in my practice?
  •  What in my energy field needs healing?
  •  What is my next best step?

That’s where your Clear Path Reading begins. We start with your burning question. You can count on leaving the reading with new insights about you and your business. You’ll also come away with at least one action step to move you towards your goals.


Dare to change energy drains, patterns, and beliefs that keep you stuck.

Are you willing to take one easy step to discover where your blocks to success are? I know you’ve got good training, a willing spirit, and creative energy. I know you’re smart. The problem for all of us is that sometimes we’re so close to our stuff that we can’t see it.

What I’ve found is that an energy check-up often holds answers. A belief gets shifted, an energy cord removed, a re-connection to your source.


Your business changes. More clients show up. The process of growing your business feels easier. Your decisions become clear and simple. You feel more energy and less burn-out.




What’s included:

Your Clear Path Reading will be unique to you depending upon your questions and your energy. You can count on the following.  


  • We’ll schedule a phone session lasting up to an hour. That allows time for the reading and looking at practical ways you can use the info.  
  • You’ll receive a color chart prior to the reading. That way you can record insights and information about your aura, your chakras, and any energetic attachments related to your question. Your chart includes space for notes about your business too.  
  • Your phone session will be recorded. After the session you’ll get an mp3 file so you can listen again.
  • You’ll also have plenty of time to ask questions during the session as well as the opportunity to ask follow-up questions via email. 
  •  When appropriate, and with your permission, I will offer some distance energy work. For example, I might remove an energy cord that’s been draining your juice. 




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Money back guarantee 


I want you to feel like you got your money’s worth. So here’s my offer. Get a reading and if you don’t feel satisfied, I will refund your dough. How about that? Makes this a risk-free offer.


Wishing you the best in your business,

Sharon Roemmel, LMT,  BSW

PS. Getting a Clear Path Reading will unlock the secrets,to changing the patterns and beliefs that slow or stop you from living your dream business. You CAN make the process of being a successful massage therapist easier!

PSS. Finding yourself with questions? Send me an email at Or give me a call at 503-362-9344. Either way I’ll be glad to hear from you and to help you move forward with your business!