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Trust is an issue for me.

Actually I have a lot of trust. I trust that my car will get me to my destination. I trust that my friends and family will be there for me. I trust in the goodness and kindness of people. I trust my credit union. I trust in the power of wholeness.

My trust issues are with myself. They don’t haunt me every moment. In some circumstances I completely trust my abilities, my knowledge, and my skills.

But at other times lack of trust in myself will throw me off balance. Or maybe I’m off balance and the negative thinking seizes the opportunity and slinks into my brain and finds it’s favorite chair.

My job is to fill every seat in the auditorium of my brain with happy, supportive thoughts. And if a slacker thought like lack of trust files in, my job is to quickly displace the loser.

One way I do this is with affirmations. The right affirmations calm me. Even if I don’t believe them 100% in the beginning, I know at some level that they’re true. I know that they support my best self, the self that I’m interested in hanging out with, the self I’m interested in sharing with others.

And I know to be 100% committed to my path, to be of service in the way I want to be of service I must trust what I’m here to offer. I know that to be true for you as well.

I’d like to share an mp3 affirmation recording with you. It’s a quick two-minute invitation to more trust—trust in your guidance, trust in your body, trust in your skills…

You can listen to it here. Trust2

Or you can put it on your phone and then, like me, listen when you’re on the go.

Is trust an issue for you as well? I’d love to know if you find my recording useful.

If you haven’t seen this video by Daniel Christopherson (guitar, song, words, & voice) watch it now. If you’ve already seen Daniel’s video, watch it now.


It says it all.

Love is who we are.

Love is high vibration. Fear, depression, anger, hopelessness, overwhelm, judgment… They’re all low vibration characters. When you hang out with the high vibe guys you feel better. You attract good stuff into your life.

And from that place you’re more likely to do the work you’re called to do. You’re more likely to make progress toward your goals. And you’re more likely to enjoy the journey.

You feel more balanced, less stressed.

Love brings the energy of  “I know who I am and why I’m here.”

When I watch this video I notice that my breath deepens. I feel my heart open. I start to smile. I love everybody.

I’m curious if Daniel’s video does this for you or your have your own “love anchor?” A “love anchor” is that thing or person or place that causes instant good feelings every time you think of them or it.

Your “Love Anchor”

How to use this tool

1. If you like this video, bookmark it and watch it frequently, especially on days when you know your mood is dipping.

2. Choose your own personal “love anchor.” Think of something that makes your heart open every time you think of it.

For me it’s Puffy. There’s something about my little orange tabby that makes my heart open. He can do no wrong. It’s unconditional love all the way.

Find your own Puffy. When you feel your mood dipping or hear yourself being cranky, conjure up the image of your “love anchor.”

Think puppy. Or sunrise. Or your baby. Or relaxing on the beach. Or your favorite squeeze. Or how much you enjoyed helping a client.

The increase in your vibration means you’ll feel better. And when you feel better your business feels better.

Do you love this video as much as I do? What’s your “love anchor?”


I bet you spend some (or a lot) of time with your upper body in a rounded position. Think sitting in front of your computer, driving, texting, practicing bodywork, creating art, cooking… In these activities your arms, head and neck move forward from your torso. The muscles and bones in your upper back round. At the same time the muscles in the front of your body shorten.

If you’ve ever done yoga you know that you follow a back bend with a forward bend. The counter pose encourages balance in your body. If you’re spending a lot of time rounded then you need a counter pose to your daily activities.

Child’s Swim Toy or Business Owner Balancer?

One of my favorite tools is the noodle. Inexpensive and lightweight, the noodle helps to massage tight muscles and fascia, release trigger points, and break down scar tissue. Plus you give the front of your body a passive stretch returning length to shortened muscles. And you get a counter pose to the busyness of your life when you take a “noodle break.”

If you’ve ever complained about sore neck or back muscles you may want to give this tool a try. If you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, have any disc issues or undiagnosed back/neck pain, then you’ll want to talk to your doc or pt before trying a tool like this.  

 Benefits you may experience from regular noodle use.

  • Decreased discomfort.
  • Easier to take a deep breaths.
  • Feel more energized.
  • Feel more relaxed.
  • Opens heart emotionally and energetically.
  • Improved circulation.

How did the noodle work for you?

You know that stress impacts you and your business negatively. And you aren’t enjoying the evidence of that stress. Anxiety, extra weight, colds, sleepless nights, tension headaches, unhappy bank account, or an argument with your significant other… They all make you less productive.

You know you need, make that want, to do something to feel more balanced. And you know there are plenty of tools. At least 52. 😀

Tools are Cool, But First…

But before you start trying on tools you need to set an intention.

Why is an intention important? It’s your resolve, your reason. It shines light on the importance of reducing your stress both for you personally and for your business, for your treasured clients and customers.

 Reducing stress, achieving more balance. Neither of these inherently have value. The value comes from your results. And you first need to determine what kind of results you want to put in your shopping cart. No junk food here.

Picking up the Scent

Setting an intention means you stop dead or actually alive in your tracks. You pick up the scent of that which you’ve come here for. You get down on all fours. You explore the dirt. You dig. You sniff. And in all of that you find the scent that you’ll follow. Your intention really says, I will follow this trail. I want more. I want wholeness.

Moving forward without intention might seem easier at first. Let’s just get to it. Moving forward with intent means you do some work. It’s like tilling your soil before you throw seeds down rather than just tossing some seeds down. But you’ll get more results from taking the time to set an intention.

Your intent?

Write down your intention related to claiming more balance. Couple of guidelines for you.

  1. Use “I intend” as your starting phrase.
  2. Include the “what” and the “why.”
  3. Use words that have meaning for you. Use powerful active words.
  4. Posting your intention here means you’ll be inviting support from all who read this. It commits you at a deeper level when you announce your intention to the world. Another way to enhance your success. I’ll show you my intention if you show me yours.

 The Rewards of Intention

Once your intention is in place you’ll be able to more easily select the correct tools for you. Plus you’ll find it easier to stick with your new patterns because the reasons for making a change will be clear.






I’m guessing that at some point you’ve felt the negative impact of stress both for you and your business. 52 Cool ToolsStress is an equal opportunity employer. It visits when you’re just starting your business. But it doesn’t forget about you. It will pop in for tea and cookies throughout the phases of your business.

And when negative stress visits it leaves a calling card or two. An achy low back, frequent colds, indigestion, anxiety, feelings of overwhelm… Those calling cards make it hard to be productive. They also make it hard to enjoy your non-work hours. You know you’re not as creative, joyful, or compassionate when your head is throbbing, you feel irritable, or you can’t sleep because you keep mulling over a work issue or project.

And when your business is something you feel called to do, when it’s something you have passion for offering to the world you don’t want stress to be interrupting or slowing things down.

What’s a business owner to do?

I can’t help you get a restraining order for stress. But because so many of the business owners I talk with struggle with the negative impact of stress and lack of balance I’m devoting my 2012 blog posts to the topic.

Say hello to “2012 with 52 Cool Tips to De-stress and Claim More Balance for You and Your Business.”

Can you hear the New Year calling you? It’s inviting you to a new start, a fresh beginning. But if you’re like most of us you’ve ordered up a big, fat exciting goal only to send it back to the kitchen before it even got cold. Or you left in on the counter and forgot about it until it molded. Disappointed in yourself, goal setting, and New Year’s resolutions in general, you threw the goal in the trash.

The Solution

Many people opt out of setting resolutions and goals because they haven’t felt successful. Back in the 90’s I was the massage therapist at the local YMCA. Every January the locker room population would swell. And then every February the numbers would dwindle back down.

Most of us crave something better. We want growth. Better balance. More creativity. More productive hours. More fun. More impact in the world. More money. Better health…

But how do we go about getting all of that?

Tools for Your Toolkit

Having the right tools is one of the answers. Over the course of the year I’ll be sharing 52 tools. I promise they’re all cool (at least to me.)

You’ll learn:

  • Yoga breath to calm your jitters
  • Natural energizers that you can carry in your pocket
  • Simple stretches for achy arms and hands
  • Antidotes for long hours of sitting in front of your computer
  • Quick grounding technique for when you feel spacey
  • Simple ways to stop headaches
  • A lightweight jet lag kit
  • Tools for simplifying your life
  • Attitude shifts that bring ease
  • How to schedule in your own recess breaks
  • And much, much more!

But Not Just Any Tool

In working with hundreds and hundreds of people dealing with those nasty stress calling cards I’ve discovered that your best tool needs to fit you. This is not a one size fits all kind of thing. Your perfect toolkit fits into your lifestyle, your work schedule, your interests and preferences.

Having lots of tools to choose from means you can try them on, wear the ones that fit well, and put the others back on the rack.

It takes a village

I’ll be inviting some of my teachers, mentors, and friends to share their favorite tips.

And I’m inviting you as well. I’ve being studying this stuff for decades. But I don’t have all the answers. Your input might just be the secret nugget that someone else needs.

How you can participate

I’ll be posting the tools to my blog. I recommend signing up for the RSS feed (look for the orange symbol under my picture in the right hand column) so you won’t miss a single tool. Once a month I’ll be sending out my ezine with links to the posts so you can stay updated that way too.

The contest

If you incorporate one tool that helps decrease your stress, adds to your enjoyment and productivity with your work and life, you’re a winner. I wanted to offer an extra incentive to help you decrease your stress and harness more balance. So I’m offering the 52 Cool Tools Contest. Here’s the skinny

  • Open to all subscribers of my ezine, Align and Thrive.  (If you’re not a subscriber sign up is easy. Look for the heading on the left side that says “Biz Balance Quiz.”) That way you’ll get at least one article a month delivered to your email box and you’ll get the links to all the cool tools. You’ll also get a chart so you can keep track of the tools you’ve tried and your results.
  • The prize package. In January 2013 I will award a fabulous package to the winner.

How to win? Be the person with the highest score.

How’s your score determined? Give yourself a point for every tool you implement. If you already use one of the suggested tools you can give yourself a point for that too. Recommend a tool that hasn’t been mentioned and you can award yourself another point. I will provide a chart for recording your score.

To enter the contest simply send me an email with the number of tools you implemented and the number of tools you suggested, plus a paragraph to a page about your experience. If there’s a tie then we’ll draw one name to break the tie.

What’s in this fabulous package?

  • A self-care coaching session (valued at $111)
  • Your very own custom affirmation recording (valued at $39)
  • An aromatherapy goodie selected for you (value between $10-25)
  • A self care tool selected for you (depend on what it is)
  • And probably some other stuff. Who knows what will show up before January 2013?

On January 1, 2012 I’ll be hosting a New Year’s Day party to help you set a wholistic goal for the coming year. You can ask questions about the contest and share your dreams for 2012. More info here.

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