Congrats on committing (or re-committing) to a regular yoga practice. Doing yoga once a week is great, but the biggest benefits come from practice that happens two, three, or even seven times a week. With the membership site you’ll find it easier to  practice more often.

What you get

  • A library of recorded themed yoga classes including yoga for hips, yoga for trust, and yoga for backs. Right now there are eight videos with more to come. If I’ll be gone for two weeks of the month I’ll add another video prior to being gone. I’m happy to take requests. You also get a couple of recorded audio mediations.
  • You’ll find the recorded classes and the current zoom link for the live classes on my thinkific course page. You’ll have to register with Thinkific. Here’s the link. 
  • Access to four livestreamed classes over a 30-day period. Classes take place Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9:00 a.m Pst. You can choose any four of the class options.
  • If you want to attend more than four over the 30-days you can pay an additional fee.

$36 for four additional live classes over the 30-days. This charge IS NOT a reoccurring charge.


Or you can pay for individual classes over the four that come with your membership by paying $10 prior to class or on the day of class.

What if I can’t attend the livestream classes?
You’ll be able to watch any or all of the videos in the resource section.

How and when will I be charged?
Initially you pay with a credit card. Then once a month your credit card will be charged on the same day each month.

How do I cancel?
Login to your PayPal account. Go to Activity and click on the recurring charge from Practically Enlightened You. Next click on the link that says “View recurring payment details.” On the next page you’ll find the link to cancel. No more payments will be charged. You can continue to use the membership area until your 30-days have expired. After that I ask you not to use the site any longer.