Have you attended a graduation recently? I attended the ceremony at Oregon School of Massage where I teach. Stories from the graduates, their families, and friends always rank as my favorite part. I found my eyes tearing up as Maggie’s stepdad talked about how proud he was of his beautiful daughter. Diana’s mom’s emotion said as much as her words. Rachel’s comment about wanting to leave a different footprint, Amber Rose talking about being called to this work… The transformations, the accomplishments…

And yet, there’s so much more to come for these new (almost) lmts. Allen encouraged the graduates to seek balance. I want to advocate for the other side of the coin. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a yoga teacher. I make it a point to have tea regularly with my friend balance.

I’m guessing it wasn’t balance that brought you to school or that got you through. Being a little obsessed helps. Look at people who accomplish their dreams—the Oprahs of the world. Yes, they probably revisit the issue of balance regularly. But they live in the land of passion and obsession.

I challenge you to talk to people who have reached their big dreams, people you admire. I meet former students who are doing exactly what they want to do. They did it by knowing their passion and not letting go. The former students I meet who end up working somewhere so they have a job might have more balance, but they seem to have less joy.

BTW-don’t forget to find some balance in the middle of your obsession.