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Trusting Anxiety: The Benefits to Your Business - Practically Enlightened You

A fellow entrepreneur recently confided that she’s been struggling with anxiety. Her racing heart was scary. Could something be wrong?  Her doc prescribed anti-anxiety meds and all was well for awhile.

Then the symptoms resurfaced. Back to the doc. The dosage went up and again her heart quit doing the rumba. But once again her heart headed back to the dance hall. She said her head knew she was safe. But her body was yelling danger, danger. Something wasn’t right.

Override switch?

We can try and override the wisdom of our bodies. But our bodies and our spirits are wise. Very wise. Your body wants to keep you alive. Your spirit wants you to be whole. We develop clever ways to cover up these messages. To ignore them.

My friend didn’t want to blame herself. If you believe that your thoughts create your reality you can fall into a trap of blame. For example, if my thoughts were more perfect/pure I wouldn’t have contracted this disease.

And then there’s the law of attraction. Focus on your anxiety and won’t you just get more anxiety? Rather than focus, I’m suggesting you give a persistent message a voice. Think of what you’re doing as enlisting the support of an interpreter. I’m talking about making a safe place for your wisdom to come forth.

When you listen to these kinds of messages you and your business will be more whole, more authentic.

So how do you create do this place? You may have your own way of accessing your inner guidance. Use that. Here are some ways that have worked for me when a message refused to be ignored.

1.     Meditate and ask for information. Then be still and pay attention. During the meditation you can also see the symptom outside of yourself and have a conversation with it.

2.     Draw, paint, collage, sing, write, or dance the message. Let the message come through art.

You need to disconnect from your thinking mind and give your wild intuitive mind the reins.

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