I bet you spend some (or a lot) of time with your upper body in a rounded position. Think sitting in front of your computer, driving, texting, practicing bodywork, creating art, cooking… In these activities your arms, head and neck move forward from your torso. The muscles and bones in your upper back round. At the same time the muscles in the front of your body shorten.

If you’ve ever done yoga you know that you follow a back bend with a forward bend. The counter pose encourages balance in your body. If you’re spending a lot of time rounded then you need a counter pose to your daily activities.

Child’s Swim Toy or Business Owner Balancer?

One of my favorite tools is the noodle. Inexpensive and lightweight, the noodle helps to massage tight muscles and fascia, release trigger points, and break down scar tissue. Plus you give the front of your body a passive stretch returning length to shortened muscles. And you get a counter pose to the busyness of your life when you take a “noodle break.”

If you’ve ever complained about sore neck or back muscles you may want to give this tool a try. If you’re recovering from an injury or surgery, have any disc issues or undiagnosed back/neck pain, then you’ll want to talk to your doc or pt before trying a tool like this.  

 Benefits you may experience from regular noodle use.

  • Decreased discomfort.
  • Easier to take a deep breaths.
  • Feel more energized.
  • Feel more relaxed.
  • Opens heart emotionally and energetically.
  • Improved circulation.

How did the noodle work for you?