Sometimes you need a renewal retreat. I don’t mean want. I mean NEED.

woman-floating-on-cloudsYour soul is craving time away from your normal routine. Whether you’re daydreaming about a spa day or uninterrupted time for a creative project, that getaway just doesn’t feel possible.

Too many responsibilities, too many deadlines… Maybe you’d rather not travel, but you just aren’t carving out the time and support for a retreat on your own.

One Step Away

Anyone who’s ever taken a step away from their regular routine will tell you they feel refreshed and renewed. You’ll bring a fresher, clearer vision to the problems and creative projects on which you’ve been working.

And gifting yourself with even a 1/2 day is a powerful message to yourself and the world. You, my dear, are saying to the powers that be that YOU are important. YOU have value. YOU are enough EVEN if you take a 1/2-day off just for you!

Benefits of “retreating”

  • Rediscover your purpose. (Oh, that’s why I’m doing all of this!)
  • Unlock resources that have been with you all along.
  • Listen more closely to your wisdom.
  • Practice better work-life balance.
  • Add tools to your stress reduction toolkit.
  • Allow time for nurturing and self-healing. 
  • Make significant progress on a project that wants your full attention.
  • Shift habits that don’t support your best self.

Ready to retreat?

Your Journey

I’ll be your guide, directing you to that inner wisdom that I know is there. While I’ll offer structure*, your wisdom will help you know the perfect way to spend your retreat time.

[*A note on structure: In my experience too much structure puts out the fires of a retreat. But without any structure some of us (yes, I’m including me) end up surfing Facebook, eating junk food, or watching TV, all things that have a tendency to deplete rather than nurture.]

The right amount of structure means you’ll have scaffolding that will hold your intention. But you also have room to build exactly what you need in the moment.

How it works.

Before the retreat:

You’ll get the Preparing for Your Virtual Retreat guide. With it  you’ll know how to get the most from your experience.

Take part in the pre-retreat call.

Connect with other retreatants prior to the retreat. Share your ideas and intentions via your private Facebook page.

You choose your favorite environment for the retreat.

On the day of the retreat:

While on your own personal retreat you are also part of a safe, small group with which to share your journey. Our group will “meet” 3 times. You simply call in to a phone line at the appointed times.

  • A welcome and opening meditation call. You’ll set the tone for your retreat during our first call. (And don’t worry if you have to miss the call. You’ll get the same information through a recording.)
  • A midway call for support and questions.
  • A final celebration call.

While you’ll be spending your time in between the calls as you choose, I will again provide guidelines and suggestions that you can follow. You’ll even have access to an online yoga video that I’ve created for the retreat as well as other resource materials.

Next retreat is scheduled for…

We’ll start back up in 2014. Stay tuned.

*Don’t worry if the official retreat times don’t work for you. The calls will be recorded and will be posted soon after they are completed. You might choose to listen to the calls at times that work better for you. You might opt for a whole day of retreat. Make it work for you. It’s your retreat.

Ready to say yes? Sign up below to register for this low cost offering.

PS. If you feel called by the idea of a retreat, this mini at-home retreat is a great toe-in-the-water approach.

PSS. This retreat option is also a great way to keep the energy of a vacation or retreat going all year.

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