Welcome to the start of your virtual retreat

Congratulations on making this commitment to yourself! You might notice that things start to shift in your life just by making this decision. 

Your next steps. 

1. Take a deep breath right now. (Might as well get started.) Each breath offers an opportunity for renewal. 

2. Plug the date into your calendar. Clear your calendar as much as possible for the retreat time. Then let others know you that you won’t be available. Make any arrangements so that your duties will be covered. Find childcare. Let your boss know that you’re taking a wellness day (or whatever kind of time off you have.) Tend to your responsibilities now so you can fully tend to you on the day of the retreat. 

3. Friend me on Facebook so I can add you to the private Virtual Retreat Facebook group. 

4. Schedule some time prior to the retreat to prepare. You’ll find great tools here. 

I’m excited to spend time with you (virtually) on September 18!

 In the meantime, let me know if you have questions.