I’m making changes to my business, to my website, to my life… I wanted to send out something that would update you on those changes. As I was thinking about what to say I realized that my business and my life have always been a work in progress. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Do you feel the same way about your business?

About your life? I’m not saying my way is the right way. But since you asked (you did ask, didn’t you?) I’ll give you my two cents worth. I figure that if a business (or life) isn’t a work in progress it’s stagnant. Stagnant=not moving, not flowing, putrefying…

Stable vs. stagnant
Stable has its place. I’m a big fan of grounding your business. I guess it’s really all about balance. But too much stability means you’re not in the moment. It means you’re confusing comfort and the illusion of control with having a foundation. Stable means you have a foundation, a base from which to operate, to create, to make your impact.

In yoga when you practice a series of flowing, moving poses you need a stable foundation in every pose or you’ll topple over. In the name of not toppling over (and we’ve rec

ently heard too many stories of businesses toppling over) people too often hang onto to staying in one place.

In yoga we grip the mat with our toes, we hold our breath, we tighten our jaw. In business, well, we often do the same things. You know those tight muscles in your back and neck? Could be from too much holding on.

Two questions for you.

1)    How would you describe the stable foundation of your business?

2)    What in your business is calling for change?

Consider posting your responses to the two questions. Your ideas help inspire others. Plus, if you publicly state where your business is calling for change, you’ll be more likely to take action.
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