Will You Share Your Thoughts on This?

 I love to learn and read. Books are my favorite possessions. Anything to do with healing and health, business success, massage, spiritual practices, yoga, energy, intuition, aromatherapy…Seeing a pattern?

I also enjoy writing. And I enjoy helping others align with their gifts so they can offer them to the world.

So when I heard about the upcoming Next Spiritual Author contest it seemed a natural for me. But I want to know if there are people out there who would benefit from what I’m thinking about writing. I’m hoping you’ll give me some feedback so I know whether to proceed with this direction. Or maybe a different path?

The healers and spiritual entrepreneurs I’ve worked with feel passionately about their work. It may even feel like a calling. Is this you?

1. You’re excited about sharing your gifts and knowledge with others.

2. You don’t always resonate with traditional sales and marketing info. Not your favorite stuff.

3. You know you need to do something to support the growth and health of your business.

4. You know you need to take care of you in the process. The body mind and spirit of you.

Right Under Your Nose

What I’ve found is that the energetic and vibrational tools we love to use in our practices and lives—aromatherapy, yoga, energy work…— also serve us well in our business. Eureka! There’s gold in them thar tools.

Imagine feeling scared about your business. Not much of a stretch to imagine for many of us. When you start out you wonder if you’ll have enough clients. Do you know enough to help people? Enough not to hurt them? Will your clients know you’re scared? Can you really make a living?

But that fear can stick around for seasoned practitioners too. Will clients like the new modality you’re adding? Will it be challenging to move to a new area and start over? Can your business weather a rough economy…?

A Bigger, Better Toolkit

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a manual that you could open up and find something that would soothe your fear, something that would help you feel surer, maybe even brave?

The book I’m working on would offer you a selection of choices—a yoga pose, some essential oil suggestions, or an energy technique–for fear and other gremlins. A yoga pose that will help you feel grounded, an essential oil that will open your heart, a flower essence for helping you trust and let go, a breath that calms presentation jitters…

I’m thinking of sections for common issues that bodyworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs face. Issues like:

• Being stuck

• Feeling unsure or confused

• Completely overwhelmed

• Lacking balance

• Stressed

• Fatigue

• Unfocused

• Needing psychic protection and clearing

• Feeling spacey

I’m looking for your honest feedback here. Does this concept make sense? Do I sound like a crazy woman? Would you buy the book? Your ideas? Issues you would add?

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