This morning I woke up planning a mental to-do list.  I wanted to write a blog post, plus work on my proposal for my book. I also have some research and writing for the business class I teach at Oregon School of Massage. That reminded me that I need to grade homework for the class. Plus I planned on working out. And that’s the beginning of my list.

When I notice that I have 34 programs running on my computer and that my mind has at least that many more programs up and running it’s time to hit my “reset button.” Periodically I need a big reset. A weekend away or a couple of weeks somewhere other than home.  But I’ve found I don’t feel as desperate for a complete system overhaul if I include regular resets in my life.

My daily reset is meditation. Today the message I got was that all that other “important” stuff wasn’t really important. What was important today was to be of service, to feel loved and to allow love in. In a few breaths my perspective changed.

How do you know it’s time to hit your reset button? And then how do you reset? Sharing your ideas here helps others. I know I’d love to hear your ide